Tuesday, May 25, 2010

wild animals


Traci said...

Blessings to you! You are the best mom! don't let them tell you any different. And remind them they can always go live somewhere else!!! LOL I haven't blogged or fb'ed about it yet but we are going to get foreclosed on. Yes, I know it isn't the worst thing to happen, but it isn't the most fun either.

Missie said...

Have a good holiday weekend.

Gerry said...

Sometimes you just have to vent, that's what I think. I vented yesterday on my videos or Doc's, two of them before I was done. And you can go a little wacko if you don't. I just got through having talks with two of my sons. Yes, even at their age there is stuff that has to be straightened out. Yes! Wouldn't it be nice if the missing passport turned up SOMEWHERE??

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