Thursday, February 26, 2009

today will be awesome

Today I am going to get my nails done, and then I am meeting Betty, and then it is off to 29 palms! I know I have said it before but I love that base.

Yesterday I called several marines and one of them is going to drive out to 29 palms with us, and then we are meeting up with some more marines. Rusty has to set this huge display up, so he needs a lot of help. I think I am there to just look pretty.

Tomorrow is Sam's graduation! I can't wait to go to MCRD and watch Sam graduate. I have not seen a marine graduation in years. Once again a ton of marines are heading down for that.

The kitten is so happy to be home! He was also the first to get up and have his breakfast. Every morning Rusty will give the cats wet food, so if you miss breakfast then you are screwed!

Rusty said that over the weekend he is going to dig out his grandfather photo albums. His grandfather was a marine and he was once stationed in Haiti. Is this what they call things coming full circle? Rusty is just so excited to share photo's and some marine corps history with Nikki. I don't get it, but Rusty was excited about it.

Amber got her income tax return check yesterday, but she is scared to go to the bank! I could not figure this out. Amber said that she thinks everyone will laugh at her because she has no job. This is really starting to get to Amber. I sure hope that she finds a job soon, or at least can pick up some odd jobs to help her out. I just know that something will happen for her. I just know that she will get a job.

Next week the guys are going to fix my car. It turns out that the radiator has a crack in it. I am just glad that I have guys who can do this for me. Rusty said that the radiator is only $150 dollars, so I am glad about that. I miss my grocery getter! I do think that I need to hippy her up some, but I have not figured out what I want to do to her.

Life is good

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the right thing

Well here it is Wednesday. Today I have to go south and take something to Rusty and then pick up the kitten. I am looking forward to a little time to myself.
Nikki knows the boy that lives across the street from us. He got in some trouble at the beginning of the school year and now he is going to an alternative school. This young man knows that he screwed up and he is trying very hard to get back into regular high school. So I told him, if you ever need a ride to school let me know, I will hook you up. So this morning he asked me for a ride. It was to talk to this young man. He said that he has to complete 20 more hours of community service by the end of the year. That sent my mind spinning. O.K. Rusty needs help from time to time or I could have him help with the church yard sale. I think I am going to have him help with the church yard sales. This way he will be around people his own age who have goals and some direction. I told this young man that I will find him 20 hours worth of work.
Yesterday I talked to Nikki's other dad, Poppi. He said that he was going to announce that there has been some big changes in the mission trip this year. With much prayer and much talking with some other leaders they have decided that going to Fiji would not be the right thing to do. Fiji is very expensive and these kids have to raise all the money. As soon as that was said another door opened. They are heading to Haiti.
Hearing the words Haiti just made me smile. Last year while Nikki was touring with a group called Live Offensively she met some missionaries from Haiti and she so wanted to go. Nikki asked Rusty if she could go to Haiti and she even said that she would raise the money for the air fare. Rusty gave Nikki a firm "no". That was that. Nikki also said that she wanted to spend a 4th of July here in the states.
Well, Nikki spoke those words and now she is getting everything! Nikki is a little upset because she was getting ready to send out some sponsorship letters and they all said that she was going to Fiji. Oh that is just a little bump in the road.
I am not worried about Nikki going to Haiti. I know that the Lord will protect her. he always does. I must confess that every year I go on line and I follow Nikki around. I check the weather, read all about the history of the area where she is, I even check with the air lines to make sure that they arrived and departed o.k.. I am not sure if it is wrong to live through someone else, but I do it anyway.
I have a ton of minding that has piled up on my table. I keep working on it, but the pile never seems to go down. I must wonder if other people are sneaking into my house and leaving their mending.
Tomorrow I am going to hit a few thrift store. I need to find a black shirt to wear to Sam's graduation. I have a red skirt and some black sandals (that were given to me), so now I just have to find a shirt that fits.
After we are done at the graduation I am thinking about taking Amber, Nikki, and Chris down to Point Loma so we can go out on the cliffs. The girls have been wanting to go do that for a while now. Chris said that he has never been down to Point Loma. I was stunned so I said "How come you have never been down there? It is free!" Chris said "That is why. My mom never took us any place that was free because she thought that meant trashy". Oh well. I am determined to show this boy a good time without spending a lot of money.
I better get moving. My life awaits me.
Life is good

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

could it be?

One of my dear friends sent me a link yesterday. She said that I am just a few steps away from becoming this cat lady. Rusty said that if were not for him, I would be the crazy cat lady! I think they are both just scared at the fact that sometimes I prefer my animals over people.
Check out this video! I have tried to load it, but I could not get it load.
This morning has been a learning curve for me.
I walked into the kitchen and I see Nikki texting on a new phone. o I asked her where she got the phone. Nikki said "I ordered it off e bay, it was a good deal and it was worth saving for". I just walked away.
I so wanted to snatch that phone up. Not because I am angry but because I want her phone! I had no idea that my daughter was ordering stuff off e bay. I don't really care I was just shocked that she thought to go there to get a new phone.
Amber said hey mom look. There is place that will pay you for your clean urine! I just laughed and said "Well when you guys were younger and I needed money to buy food I sold my hair for a lady that needed to pass a drug test."
The girls just looked at me. Yep I just did what I had to do to get by. That is life.
O.K. now that we have established that I have done some rather shady things in my time, I am going to go sew and make me look like the perfect little house wife!

Monday, February 23, 2009

three cheers!!!

I was sitting here getting ready to make an entry, when I looked out the window and saw a black cat. George, one of the black cats was sleeping on the printer. Holy crap it is Lucky! I go tot the front door and call his name and sure enough he came running. I walked back in side and yelled for Nikki. All is now right in Nikki's world.
I have a very busy week a head of me. Wednesday I have to go to base and pick up a kitten. Thursday I have to go get my nails filled and then Thursday night we are heading to 29 palms for Rusty's work. Friday we have to go down to MCRD because Amber ex boyfriend Sam is graduating boot camp. Then I have all the normal stuff I have to do this week. There is no rest for the wicked.
Yesterday I spent most of the day in bed. I just did not feel good. So, today I need to hit the ground running. I must confess that it was nice to spend the day in bed and just chill.
I was suppose to go to a Mary Kay party yesterday, but I was just not up for it. So I gave the girls some money and sent them. Then had a blast! I guess that is every girls dream..... go play with make up. They did bring me home a very nice shade of lip gloss. It will be perfect for summer.
One of the marines that I don't get to see that often came up this weekend. I fell in love with one of the rings she was wearing. She said that she got it at Tiffany's! I was floored. Then she told me that it was only $200. So I went to their web page and I found it. I have a new goal. I am going to save for this ring. Rusty just gave me that blank stare when I told him about the ring. Rusty does not understand my jewelry fetish, but that is o.k. I don't understand his zippo fetish.
Life is good

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I warned him!

For years now I have been threatening Rusty to replace all of our furniture with bean bag chairs. Well.....
Yesterday Amber and I were out to some yard sales and we came across a love sack. A love sack is this really huge bean bag chair, and the lady only wanted $10 for it, so we bought it.
After we tried to squeeze it into Ambers car, a guy finally offered to bring it to the house for us. So we start to drag this huge love sack into the house. O.K. now we have to get rid of a chair, so we move a crappy chair (like the rest of our furniture) out to the garage. We get the love sack cleaned up and we both fell into it. It is so comfy!
When Rusty came home he just looked at this love sack and shook his head. The man is getting better about not asking questions. I just said "I warned you that one day I would replace all the furniture with bean bags."
Leeroy was working on his car yesterday. Now Amber being the ever so helpful person walks up to Leeroy and very calmly says "Your car is on fire." Sure enough the car was on fire, so Leeroy poured mountain dew on it to put it out.
Then yesterday Nikki sent me a text telling me that her sponsors did not show up for the car wash. I text Nikki back and said don't worry I have your back. That did not make Nikki happy. She was very disappointed that people did not follow through with what the said they would do.
So I started call and asking all the marines to give Nikki $20 each. So when Nikki walked in there was a note on the table that said for Nikki and all of the marines signed their names to it. Nikki was so happy! Now she is only $30 short and I know that she will find that money some place. I will give Nikki the money, but she wants to do this on her own.
Well my bathroom is calling me. I guess I should go clean it.

Friday, February 20, 2009

eco friendly Friday.

For years now I have made quilts for all the marines, and it was not until recently that some of them started falling apart. I was in shock.
I had bought the same batting that I had always used. Then it hit me. The price of batting kept going up but I was getting shitter quality of batting. I must look for something else.
So I went on a quest for different types of batting. I found that if you are making a small blanket that you can use towels instead of traditional batting. Some people use flannel as a batting.
As I finished up the never ending cat quilt I went to the fabric store to look at some different batting. I found bamboo batting. It was rather expensive, but it was 50% off, so I took a chance and bought two rolls of it.
I love this stuff! It is so soft, very thin, yet warm, and very durable. This was not what I expected from something made from a grass. I love it! I will defiantly use it all the time. It may be more expensive but it is of highest quality.
Bamboo grows faster then most other plant's and the batting made from bamboo is a lot more natural then the other stuff I was using.
I am a material whore. I love material and if I could live in the fabric department I would! However material can be very expensive, so I have to watch myself. I have cleaned out my material stash and got it all organized, so that way I know exactly what I have.
I am currently working on another quilt for a marine. I decided to make his quilt very ecliptic. I am using like material to path them together to make a nice quilt. I also cut extra because I needed to make a baby boy quilt. I let Nikki and her friend Hope lay everything out and they got to choose the pattern.
Then I came across a lady getting rid of a trash bag full of top sheets that she had never used! Score! I am now using them as the back of the quilt. I love recycling old stuff into new stuff.
This has been a great journey for me. In an effort to save some money, but yet have quality quilts I have become an eco quilter. Is there such a thing?
some other things I did this week were:
1. I reused old gift cards. I just went and added money to them so I would not have to purchase another piece of plastic.
2. All the boxes I have been saving are going to a new home. I found someone who needed moving boxes.
3. I pulled a big envelope out of the trash, and I am reusing it to keep all of our tax stuff in.
4. I am going to cut off two pairs of Ryan's pants and make them into shorts for him.
5. I have been cutting my scrapes into 4 inch squares, and I am going to give them as a Christmas gift to another quilter.
Now it is your turn. Share with me some of the things you have done this week, or ask me a question!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

warning: soap box

O.K. so I was back at the shelter today. Nikki's cat still has not turned up.
There she was a very nice looking brown nose pit. I noticed her yesterday, so today I went to see her.
There she was. All alone in her cage. She was not even by other animals. He gate was locked with this huge pad lock!
I said "Come here momma". She came over and licked my fingers.
Then some ass hole walks overs and asked me what I was doing! So I fired back. "why is she over here by herself? Why is cage locked down?"
The young man explained to me that she is a pit bull and that she could be dangerous. They will hold her for the mandatory 10 days and then they will put her down!
I am so worn out. I am going to go hug my pit bull and wish that every story had a happy ending like his has. Then in the morning I am going to call every pit bull rescue group that I can find.
People suck!

I threw it out there

Yesterday morning Rusty was complaining about all the new taxes that California is getting ready to get hit with. Many businesses are leaving California because the taxes are so high. Rusty finally said "I want to leave California".
If you ask Rusty why we still live in California he will tell you that we are still here because I love California. That is true, but Rusty also said that he did not want to move the girls while they were in high school. So here we sit in the great state of California. There are no jobs here and most people would gasp at what our rent is.
Yesterday I really thought about what Rusty said. We would be so much better off if we did not live in California. So last night I told Rusty that I am open for moving out of state. If his company still has an opening in South Caroline and he wants to take it then lets go. I said that my only concern is that we can't afford to move this whole house, so the company would have to help with our moving expenses.
So there it is. If you would have asked me two years ago I would have told you that I will never leave California, but now I am o.k. with it.
I did not have anything planned for yesterday, but something got into me. I grabbed my shop vac and vacuumed around all the base boards, all the stairs and I even got under some of appliances. Who does stuff like that? I guess I have to much time on my hands.
Today my goal is to get my kitchen floor scrubbed down. I have really neglected my floors and I feel like everyone can see the dirt, but no one is ever in my house. Well, no one that would care.
Right now I have butter playing with the kitten. I wonder if the kitten knows that Butter is a dog.Or is it that Butter does not that he is not a cat? Either way I think it is so funny to watch these two play together. If pits are mean then I want more of them.
My relationship with Amber has changed once again. Amber is now looking ahead into her future and wondering how her and Leeroy are going to be able to work out the little things. I am now guiding Amber is the art of compromise and reminding her that just because they have different traditions does not them wrong. They are just different from what she knows, and that she does need to remain open minded. I love having adult conversations with her.
Last night I got bag of clothes and some other items. I was so happy to see those clothes, because Ryan tore up some more of his jeans. I swear to you that boy is hard on his stuff. There were also some shirts in there that will fit Chris so I was excited about that as well. I just love free stuff.
My dirty kitchen is calling me, so I better get busy and get it cleaned up.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a day at home

I don't really have anything that I have to do today! I think I am going to just chill and cook Rusty a nice dinner. Oh I better go pull something out of the freezer.

Nikki's cat is still missing. We went to the shelter yesterday and he was not there. So we walked around our neighborhood and then we walked a little further out. Tomorrow Nikki is going to print up some flyer's and we are going to go post them at the animal shelter and then pass them out around here. My in laws once lost their cat and a month later someone knocked on our door and said they had found it. So I am still holding out hope.

Our one foster baby has gunk eye so tonight I will have to go get some meds for him and then he will get fixed and will be sent to his new home in 29 palms. I have a feeling that this year is going to be a busy year for kittens. I need to get out in the garage and get all the kitten stuff together. At one point last year I had everything packed away all nice and neat, but since then people have moved and scattered the stuff everywhere! I hate it when people get into our garage and just start moving shit around.

I am still on my no spending diet. Even if last week we spent money, but for the most part it was on stuff that we needed. I have been so tempted to buy lot's of material. While I was holding all this material I got a mental image of my stacks of material. I put all of it back.

I have also been shopping early for birthdays this years. So as I am finding stuff on sale I am putting the items up, This way I am not tempted to buy stuff just so I have something to give. I am finding that by cutting out the little stuff it us really making a difference in our budget. Now, I can afford to get my nails done because I am cutting out all the non necessities. Not that I need nail, but maybe everyone is right and I should be doing something for myself for a change.

O.K. I am going to get my busy day of doing nothing started. Maybe I can finally get some picture loaded!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

please tell me ....

So yesterday was a very busy day for me. I had to make an unexpected trip the rain. By the time I got home all I wanted to do was go to bed!

Oh no that would be to easy. Amber walks up to me and informs me that Nikki just got off the phone with my mother and that my mother is giving Nikki my sister car.

I grabbed my head. It was already hurting from the sinus pressure and now you are telling me that my mother just gave Nikki car? Amber just looked at me and said "I am so done. I will never speak to her again."

I called my brother in law and asked what the heck was going on. My brother in law informs me that my mother has come into his home and has taken everything but the sofa and his clothes. I knew it! I told everyone that she would do it.

So last night I was outside smoking when Rusty and Ambers boyfriend walk out. I lost it on Rusty. I just stood there screaming. We have three children, is she going to give all of them a car? How dare she pick and choose between our children! Bless Rusty's soul he said "Maybe she thinks Amber is getting the blue car." That sent me off again. By this point I had a finger in the air while I was screaming "That car is registered to me and no one else! I have never said that Amber was getting that car!"

I went to bed pissed off. I know exactly what my mother is doing. She did it to my sister and I. My mother picks and chooses who she wants to do stuff for and then will pit everyone against each other. I can so see it. Am I the only one that see's what is going on?

I have decided to not mention this to my mother. The damage is done and I am no longer going to do damage control for her. Amber realizes what is going on. My mother is digging herself into a hole that she can't get out of. I will be damned if I am going to throw her a life line.

We have a year and half until Nikki turns 18, so we will see if my mom keeps her word. If she does not keep her word then Nikki will have learned a lesson. I am just sick of cleaning up after my mother. I am sick of my children being hurt by her. I am going to let my silence speak volumes on this issue.

Onto a better subject. Yesterday I got the shock of my life when someone stepped up and offered to pay for Chris to go to camp! That's right Chris gets to go to camp for the first time in his life. He was so speechless when we told him the news!

Today is going to be another busy day for me. I have to take Nikki and Chris to school and then I have to go turn some papers to public aid. Then I have to go tot he animal shelter. Nikkis cat got out and now he is missing. o I am going to go see if he got picked up.

Life is good.

Monday, February 16, 2009

long time no chat

I can't believe how long it has been since I sat down and wrote. It has not been for lack of trying it has been for lack the computer being free!

Friday I went with Rusty down to Coronado and we had a good time. I got to see some of the people that Rusty works with and that is always a pleasure.

I met a rep guy from this company called camel back. I was looking at these new water bottles that they have out. They are so cool and they are very heavy duty. So I asked the guy is he would be will to donate 20 of them to me. He looked at me kinda funny and said "Why do you need 20 of them?" So I told him about Nikki's mission trips and then he gave me his card and told me to e mail him with a shipping address! Yes! I got a donation for the whole team. Now I am sure that a water bottle seems like a small thing, but when all is said and done it is all the little things that we have to buy that really adds up. So this year I am going to try to get more donations.

Another guy that Rusty works with is from Fiji, so when he found out that Nikki was going there he got all excited. One I find out exactly where she is going I am going to let him know. This guy told me that his family would take Nikki around and show them her island! I do hope that they will be close to where Nikki is going.

Rusty and I got our income tax check on Friday so we went and bought some much needed stuff and then we stuck the rest in savings. We bought a new computer for us, I found a dvd for Ryan that I am putting up for Ryans birthday, and we found an awesome deal on a digital camera that we put up for Nikki's birthday. The Rusty surprised me and took me over to the jewelry counter and told me to pick something out. I got a Ruby bracelet!

I love this bracelet. Yes, I will take a picture of it. Now that I have a new computer I can load pictures. Anyway. We got it at one of the bases, so we paid no tax on it, then it was on sale because someone else sold the ring, so the set was broken up and then on top of that it was 20% off! SCORE!

Amber is dating a marine and we really like this kid. Amber has been talking about moving to Louisiana to live with him. Well this weekend he asked Rusty if it was o.k. Rusty gave him a long speech and then agreed to it. So sometime early next year Amber will be moving out. I am happy for her and me. As long as my children are happy I don't really care what they do. Plus once she moves out I am going to set up a sewing room. Damn it can't she move out sooner? LOL

On Valentines day I mentioned that I needed more fridge art. Now that I do not have little children I have a bare fridge, so the girls sat down and made me fridge art! I was so happy. They even got out the macaroni for me. I was kinda sad watching everyone trying to find the stuff to make fridge art. I have really been slacking in the area of craft supplies.

One of the marines took me out to get my toes and nails done. I so love it! I have not had my nails done in a very long time, and I must say that I love it. I am going to keep the nails on. I think it is o.k. to spoil me that much.

Nikki"s boyfriend Chris really shocked me. He got me a valentines day card,but it was what he wrote on the card that put a smile on my face. He said that I have gone above and beyond for him and that I have changed his life for the better. I smiled because that was my goal. I wanted to show that kid that not everyone is out for themselves. I am glad that I gave him a lesson in compassion.

I found out yesterday that Nikki wants to go to winter camp, so she is working on the fundraisers for that. I was also informed that some people at the church are trying to help Chris raise the money to go to winter camp. Can you believe that this kid has never been to camp? I just can't imagine.

Well it is raining here and that is fine by me because I have some house work to catch up on. I am not even sure if I want to get dressed today!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I swear on all that is holy

I would like to know who gave me the right to have 5 teenagers under one roof. That's right I said 5! Lets see there are my 3 plus Chris, who does not live here, but should since he is always here and then we have a young marine wife staying here. Oh it boggles the mind.
Lets start:
Chris. Yes his mom is in the hospital and is not doing that good. Yesterday before Chris went up to the hospital I gave him some words of wisdom.
1. Don't take anything your mom says to heart. She is detoxing and that is not pretty.
2. If you see your dad offer an olive branch. Offer to go over and help clean up or do laundry or something. If he shoots it down then that is on him.
Chris did offer the olive branch and he was allowed to go over to his house and see his younger sister. Before Chris went I reminded him that people will only treat him the way he allows them to treat them, so if everyone starts getting ugly, then he needs to leave. I have not talked to this Chris since he went back home for a visit.
Last week I asked Rusty to please go with Chris to talk to a recruiter. I told Rusty that he needed to man up and show Chris that there are real men in the world unlike the "father" that Chris has. So yesterday Rusty told me that he will take Chris down to talk to a recruiter. Oh I love that man.
Amber. Amber is struggling with a computer class that she is taking. O.K. I know that college is not for everyone, and I know that an education will only get you so far, but here is my point. How will Amber learn what success taste like if she just gives up when things are hard. All of her life she has just thrown her hands up and said "I am just stupid I give up.
Well a few day's ago I asked Amber if she was still having trouble and she was. So I went on the hunt for a tutor. One of the marines is going to come up this weekend and help Amber out. I looked at Amber and I said "Quiting and failure are not an option here". Nothing was said back.
Then this young marine wife that is staying here asked me to teach er how to knit. So yesterday I had her sit on the sofa and I sat on the floor and I showed her how to knit. This gal kept trying until she got it right. So Amber decided that she wanted to learn. So I went and hunted down some more needles. Amber tried about 3 time and then just gave up! I said "hey Amber how about learning some new words. Words like success, determination, and persistence".
Lauren. Her and one of the marines just got married. That is who Amber went to Louisiana to see get married. I offered to have her stay here for a few weeks until they found a place a to live.
Her husband was right. All she does all day is sit on the sofa and watch tlc! If I ask her to do something she will, but she never does anything without being asked! This morning I had to switch her laundry around just so I could finish mine. This girl has no clue about what it is like to be married. She is a nice girl, but she needs to get a clue!
Oh! One of the things the couple needed was a washer and dryer. There was a washer and dryer sitting on someones curb. I told Lewis, the husband, that if it is there in the morning I am going to go ask the people what the deal is. So Lewis and I walked down there and the guy said that we could have them, and that they work fine, it's just that they are moving and they bought new stuff. So they have a washer ans dryer! and they were free.
Ryan. Oh this child. I just bought him new shoes at Christmas and he has now blown them out! I actually do not know when he tore a hole in his shoes but I noticed it the other day. Asking Ryan a question like why or how is pointless so I just shook my head. Yes, I do have another pair of shoes for him, but they are the next size up!
Am I alone here? I am spending about $120 a years just in shoes for this kid! I have to buy him a new pair every other month. I don't spend that much on my own shoes in 5 years and I don't tear my shoes up. So this morning I had Ryan bring out all of his laundry and the socks I gave him about two months ago are now black! They were white and damn near brand new when I gave them to him. They were not just dirty from having a hole in his shoe, they were dirty all over. So this morning I had to soak the socks in some bleach water, which I never do. I hate bleach.
I often hear people say "you should buy Ryan new stuff, why don't you buy him brand name stuff. You know what people. SHUT UP! You don't live my life. You have no idea what it is like to have a child totally trash an outfit that was perfect when he put it on this morning.
Nikki. She is just my angle and I am so glad that God gave her to me.
I did not get much sleep last night. Rusty was gone and Butter was in and out of bed all night long. Screw coffee. I need sleep.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Its morning

Well here it is bright and early. Rusty had to leave early and I am not sure when I am going to see him again. Maybe tomorrow night since I am suppose to go out with him on Friday. But we are suppose to get more rain and I am not going out in the rain. So who knows.

I talked to my mother last night. I called to thank her for all the valentines card that she sent us, and she sent everyone $20. I told my mom that I went and bought yarn with my money because the girl's want new scarf's. A few years ago I knitted a ton of scarfs and the girls were not interested in them but now they want some. Go figure. Anyway my mom said that she gets a lot of complements on the scarf's that I left in Chicago. I had one scarf that I took with me and my niece said that she liked it, so I left it for her and while I was there I knitted another one and left it. We don't really need them here, we wear them more as a decoration. I think I am going to have to make a few extra scarfs to give away as Christmas gifts.

My goal for today is to get my carpets cleaned. Everyone has been tracking in mud and the throw rugs just are not catching all the dirt. I must confess that I don't mind cleaning the carpets because they just look so nice when they are done and the house smells so good!

I got a phone call last night from Nikki. It seems that Chrises mother is in the hospital and is not doing good. I listened while Nikki talked but in the back of my mind I just don't believe it. This women has done nothing buy lie and manipulate people, so I have to wonder if this all another game she is playing. I did call my dear friend Deb and asked her if she knew anything about this and she said that she would make some phone calls and get back to me. I am still waiting. I did however tell Chris that he should not go to the hospital until we get to the bottom of all of this, and that if everything is correct, I will take him up there and be there for him. I just can't see sending this child on a wild goose chase for nothing. His mother has hurt him enough.

Tomorrow I have to take a kitten down and get him fixed and then when I am done I am going to try to meet up with the marine that just got home. I talked to him last night and he said that he has been so busy since he got home that he feels like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. I am looking forward to sitting down and and spending some time with this young man.

Life is good

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

anti establishment

Well this morning tested me to know end. I am very anti establishment and today I had to deal with it.
For all of the readers that have not followed me very long let me give you some background info.
I am very anti establishment and I will push the limits all the time. I am very anti "school" and anti "military". I have home schooled and unschooled. I believe that a real education does not happen in a class room. I love all of our guys uniforms. I am so proud of all of them, however I do not agree with the military being the worlds band aids.
This morning I had a meeting at Ryans school. The only reason Ryan is in school is because I needed a break and I was hoping that these "teachers" would be able to do a better job of educating him then I was doing. The key word there is hoping. If you want to see me shake just mention the letters IEP!
Well yesterday Ryan's teacher called me and said that I missed his IEP. What? I said "I called you on Friday to see what day you had rescheduled this meeting for and you never called me back, and now you are telling me that I missed it?" So we agreed to have it at 8 a.m. this morning.
For me that means I have to drag my bum out of bed, get dressed and do something with my hair, just so I can sit in a room full of people that I can't stand!
I arrive at the front office and the principal ( who I really like except when involves Ryan) says Mrs. Nelson we have you for noon. What? I said " Karen I called the teacher last Friday and she never called me back. Then she called me yesterday and said that we were going to do it today at 8:00 a.m. I am here."
So we were getting ready to go into the meeting when I heard them page Ryan up to the office. I looked at Karen and said "Why is Ryan coming?" Karen very nicely said "Well this is his IEP and now that he is in Junior high he has the right to be here." I just smiled and said "I am his mother and I don't want him here and I don't think you do either because I don't have very many nice things to say." Ryan was sent back to class.
After two hours of being with these "professionals" I swear I lost brain cells! I even asked Karen for a pillow so I could continue to bang my head against the wall. I did not take any shit from his teacher and she now hates me. Trust me I will not loose sleep over this issue.
Then Ryan's language art's tells me that Ryan is reading at grade level, but he is not understanding it all. Gee do you think? Then this teacher goes on to tell me that Ryan is going to join the military. I looked this man straight in the face and said "MY SON WILL NOT". The teacher then told me that I should not limit my child. O.K. dude you just struck a nerve in me. I could see my hands going around this guys neck and slowly choking the life out of this man. I looked at him and said "RYAN WILL NOT GO INTO THE MILITARY EVEN IF THEY FIND A MAGIC CURE FOR HIM". This teacher left the room thinking that I was a total bitch. Not that I really care.
I called Rusty and told him everything that happened. Rusty said that Ryan will not go into the military because he would come home in a body bag.
I will not sacrifice my children to the military. I have give my husband, my father and my father in law. They will not get my son. End of statement.
Oh I need a good pill.
The rest of the day has just been busy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Lets see

I really did not do much this weekend. I really did not want to do much this weekend, so I sat in bed a lot! Yep. I parked my bum under the blankets, did some hand sewing and watched t.v.
Friday I got to meet the mom of the marine that was coming in. She is a doll! As always they were two hours late, so I was soaked and chilled to the bone, but it was all worth it! There is nothing like hugging someone that just came home.
Saturday I went and had dinner with another marine. It was nice to just sit and talk to him. We really have not had that much time together since he got home. I will be road tripping with this marine. He wants to go up to Edwards Air Force base and see all the air craft. So I was checking out the bases web page and I totally forgot that the shuttle lands there! I hope we are there when the shuttle lands. Anyway, I am not really into looking at air craft, but I have never been to that base and it will be something different, so that is cool.
Rusty is looking at another busy week. I swear there are times when I see less and less of this man. On Friday I am going to go down to Coronado Island with him. Rusty has a sale going on, but I am going to spend the day walking around the island. The Navy seals also train down there, so maybe I will be able to see some hard bodies training. I so hope I can see some eye candy! After Rusty is done working we are going to go celebrate valentines day, and do some shopping. We need a new computer and I also want to buy Nikki a new digital camera for her birthday.
The guys never did get my car fixed. I think this is week three without my car. Now my car is nothing great. It is 97 Chevy Lumina. The color is suppose to be white, but if I wash it I am scared that it will fall apart. I have milk shake stains all over the back seat, and the car still has a cassette player! However it is my car and that car can haul ass! I want my car back. I did mention to Rusty that if he does not want to fix it he could always buy me a VW micro bus. I have always wanted one of them! I am even going to paint it to look like the hippy mobile.
Last night Amber and Nikki were kinda enough to have a nice little shouting match. The they ended up duking it out. I asked them to take it outside so at least we can look like real white trash, but I guess they did not want to fight in the rain and the mud. Hell, I could have sold ticket's!
This messy house is calling me, so I better go get it cleaned up. Rusty will actually be home for dinner tonight, so I need to get something pulled out for dinner. Oh the joys of my life.

Friday, February 6, 2009

eco friendly jeans

Here is how I recycle blue jeans and it was mentioned by wonderful daughter that I finally tore the bum out of my jeans!
1. Find a pair of jeans that you love. One's that actually have hips and are comfy. For me that would be Levis 519.
2. Wear them all the time.
3. When they do stretch out a little bit then add a belt.
4. If you get a hole then you spend hours hand sewing some cool patch on. You must not use a thimble because your cat ran off with it and you have no idea where it is. When you are done with the patch then go get a bad aid to stop the bleeding on your finger.
5. wear the jeans even longer and don't worry if there is no color left in them.
6. When the bum starts to rip out just wear longer shirts to cover that hole.
7. When you are out pulling weeds and you bend over and the bum finally rips all the down.....cry.
8. Take the jeans off and place them on your dresser. They must be in sight so you can cry over them.
9.When your husband is about to go to sleep mention that you ripped the bum out of your jeans. You must show him the hole before you tell him that you are going to take them back and complain about the crappy craftsmanship that when into them.
10. Ignore your husband when he grabs the jeans and say "I can read the news paper through these jeans. Levis is not going to replace 10 year old jeans, so go to the store and buy some more!"
That is how I recycle jeans. I wear them until nothing is left left and then I pout until I get over it. I think I am going to cut the jeans up and make a jean scrap cat blanket out of them. Here are some other ways that you can reuse your old jeans.
1. An iPod pocket protector - Use the pocket area of your blue jeans to make a nifty little purse for small electronics like cell phones and iPods. It would also be perfect as a little snack bags for young kids. Get instructions here.
2. Use the legs to make a wall organizer perfect for sewing notions.

3. Stuff them with straw and use them to create a scarecrow for fall decorating.

4. Cut them into squares and make a quilt or cut them into strips and make a rag rug.
6. Use old jeans to make unique placemats...incorporate the pockets as part of the placemat to hold silverware in place
7.Use the legs from blue jeans to make two wine the bottom closed, and hem the top leaving an opening on one side, or both sides, to thread through a golden cord drawstring. Leave plain or embellish with lace, buttons, ribbon, or small silk flowers. Tres chic! ( I am going to do this one for Christmas!)

8.Use a pair of overalls for this project. Cut the seams of the legs apart and then sew both of the front legs together and then both of the back legs together. Slip over you head for a great apron. You can also use as a great overall dress. Quick and easy.
As always please leave me your ideas.
For the record, I have not gotten any new jeans. I went into my closet and I looked at these jeans that I had that I think are totally cute, Anyway I use to save them for when we "out". No more I am now wearing them and I will wear them until the bum is gone. No more spending money on things I don't need.

I won!

Well here it is Friday morning and my busy week is almost over! I am so thankful for that.
Let me back up. I tell my children and the marines that you need to pick your battles carefully. If it is not a battle worth winning then don't fight it. I chose to fight the state on medical insurance because I feel that I deserve it and I was not about to sit and let illegals get medical insurance when I am a citizen of this country!
Yesterday I met with a gentlemen from the state review board. I spent a little over an hour in his office and here is what it came down to. Starting in March I will get free medical coverage until October or November. I do still have to pay $1,508 dollars as a delectable, but that will cover me until October or November. I can do that.
I was also informed that my case worker and the social worker from the hospital have been "corrected". It seems that my case worker knew about all the loop holes and the different type of insurance and he did nothing to help me. The social worker at the hospital who was suppose to get my birth certificate has also been corrected. It turns out that she was suppose to get it for me and get it for free!
Amber went with me yesterday, and she asked this gentlemen if she could pull up her medical and see when it ends. It turns out that not only is there no end in sight for that but that the girls have insurance from their sperm donor. Really? I never knew that. Child support services has been contacted and I will be getting all of that information soon.
Before we got to this gentleman's office I got a phone call regarding Ryan. We are jumping through all the hoops right now and we just seem to be hitting dead end after dead end. The gentlemen told me to finish jumping through the hoops and then call him. He will go back and correct everything for me. He also told Amber to contact social security and find out what classes she needs to take to be Ryans care giver. Amber and Nikki both want Ryan to live with him, so this gentlemen suggested that if they take certain classes then social security will pay them to have him live with them!
I am going to tell everyone a few other things that I learned yesterday, so spread the word. First you must apply for public aid and then be rejected. Then you flip that rejection paper over and you file for a hearing. Once you file for a hearing you will get another piece of paper that will tell you to contact a worker, or just show up in court. GO see the worker! Here is why.
1. If you see the worker they will help you, but if you take it to court they will hammer you.
2. There is a lot of very special type of state insurance. You can get insurance to just cover your insulin, your dialysis or whatever.
3. If you can't afford your meds then you need to contact the drug companies direct. They will give you the meds!
4. The hospitals have what they call charity cases. If you have no insurance, and you don't "qualify" for state aid then you can ask for a charity case where the hospital will write it off!
I said that I am going to start asking for charity and then if they say I don't qualify I am going to scream discrimination! LOL
Yesterday I also took Amber to the court house to get all the papers to change her last name. I saw that they courts have a fee wavier, so I made Amber fill out the forms! I said you are 18, so that makes you an adult, and you are unemployed, so fill out those papers and get it all done for free! We ended up bringing all the papers home and we are going to fill them out. Amber is so excited to finally get her last name changed.
I finally called my mom last night. I had to share my good news with her. I did not mention the custody battle or anything else. I made it all about me. It was nice to talk to my mom, but I just don't want to talk about anything else that is going on.
Life is good

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

what not to wear

Amber sent this e mail into what not to wear. For the record mt robe is blue.
Hi Stacy and Clinton
My name is Amber Penrod I am writing you because my mom needs your help. My mom’s name is kelli she is 38 going on 39 this year. She is 5’5 between 130 and 140 pounds. Mom wears over sized and too small clothes. Her pants range from 4 to 10 and shirts from small to extra large. Her favorite thing to wear is pajamas and she does everywhere she goes but to make thing worse she wears her dingy green robe everywhere also. If she isen’t wearing pajamas she is wearing outdated 1980-1990 clothes. Her favorite pants split open today right in the butt and her favorite shirt is a USMC wife shirt. It’s so old you can see through it. She tries to look cute and fit in the California look. Moms personality is crazy she is an eccentric loving cat lover. She is also the most giving person I know. Every weekend we have so many people at my house, Mostly marines. She loves having them here. After my step dad had his heart attack she nursed him back to health. She spent all her time helping him get better. My mom’s friend of 20 years or so told me a story about my mom. She had to buy a dress for a wedding. So my mom and her friend jenny went shopping. My mom tucked the tags in on the dress and wore it to the wedding. Needless to say she returned the dress a few days later. This story is just a little glimpse into how cheap my mom is and how much money she does not spend on herself. She spends all her money on us 3 of us kids. As I said earlier my mom is turning 39 this June and I would really appreciate your help in making this the best birthday ever for her this year.
Thank you so much for your time and please Stacy and Clinton help my mom.

oh the joys

Yesterday was actually a real good day! First thing in the morning I went and coffee with a fellow blogger. It is always nice to sit and talk with another adult. Oh and she gave me a bag of avocados, which Nikki will love and she gave me a shirt that I told her I liked!
Then I had to run to wal crap and pick up a few items. A very nice night gown caught my eye. It had dragonfly's on it, so I bought it. I can't remember the last time I bought myself something new. Now I will have to get rid of one of my old night gowns. That should not be to hard since you can read the news paper through most of them. The girls said that it is not a very sexy night gown, but I told them that if I want sex I just crawl into bed naked.
I found out yesterday that the marine that just home got two purple hearts. I am not suppose to know this. What? he got shot twice? I swear to you that when I see him I am going to ask him what the hell. Why didn't he tell me. I know why, because he would not want me to worry, but I am the mother hen. I am suppose to worry. That is my job.
Then another marine called me complaining that she was sick and that she did not feel good. O.K. let me get this straight, you have free medical. You can go to the doctor anytime. I am sitting here gathering up $10,000 worth of medical bills. I am sorry but you are not getting sympathy from me, not to mention that I don't do pity parties anyway. Stop complaining or go to the doctor. I don't care which.
Amber also got on my last nerve yesterday. I had to finally tell her to get off her ass and move on with life. I was so sick of her complaining about not having a job. Then she complained because she could not get her computer to work right, and her computer class is to hard...Blah Blah Blah! That's it. I finally said "Get off your ass and figure all of this out. Your computer isn't working right? Then play the dumb blond and call geek squad. Your having trouble in your computer class? Then go get a tutor. You don't have a job? Then go find a way to make some money another way. Get off your ass and stop having a pity party for one."
Well, Amber did get off her ass. She got the computer thing figured out and she thinks she has the homework figured out now. She went and registered at some place on line, and she has a babysitting job on valentines day. Amber said I know it is not much but at least it is money. Finally, she is getting it. Life is tough, so she needs to be tougher.
This morning Nikki asked me where the envelope was that had her mission trip money in it. It seems that Nikki has some how come up with $20 to put into her account. I am very proud of her. I am not sure how she came up with that money because she only works a few hours a week, and is struggling to make her phone bill. I am proud of her for setting money aside to help pay for her trip.
My car has been over heating, so I have been driving Amber's car, but today I will have to drive my car. I just hope that it gets me to and from the store. Last weekend I asked the guys to fix my car. It is not fixed. I had a bunch of guy's standing around looking at it and debating what was wrong with it, but it never got fixed. They need to fix my car!
Life is good.

Monday, February 2, 2009

father of the year

So here I sit with my head clogged up. I feel like my head is huge! I at this change of weather, because now I am sick.
Saturday I got a call from a strange number. I answered the phone and the person on the other end said "Mom it Dustin, and I am at March I will be at Pendleton in just a few hours." I did the best happy dance that I could considering my head hurt.
I jumped in the bath and got dressed. It does not matter how bad I feel, one of the marines was coming home and I would be there come hell or high water.
Then I hear one of the marines yell "Hey mom do you want to ride bitch?" Hell yes I do! I was not about to pass up the chance to ride on a Harley with a good looking guy!
That was not the smartest thing I could have done. Going 80 miles an hour down the freeway with a cold and being pelted by gravel, but it was worth it.
I was standing right in front of Dustin when his First Sergent said Marines attack your families. I ran up and jumped on him. My farm boy was home!
Over the weekend the girls found someone giving away a tanning bed. Rusty went and got the bed for the girls and even help set it up for them. He told the girls that on payday he would go buy them a transformer so they can tan. The girls were on cloud 9 all weekend! Rusty said "I don't understand why they need a tanning bed since we live in southern California, but heck I just won father of the year!" Yes he did.
Today I am going to try to get some stuff done around here. I so do not feel good, but life moves on and so must I.
I did finally call my uncle. It was kinda strange talking to him, but it was good to finally speak to someone in my family. We exchanged e mails and he asked if he and his new wife could come for a visit. I said yes. I am really interested in getting to know my uncle. One thing that I find strange is that my uncle's youngest daughter is in her third year of college. That means that she is not much older then Amber!
Well it is another sunny day here in the socal. So I should get moving. I may even go sit in the sun for a while. Maybe getting some sun will make me feel a little bit better.

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