Friday, February 6, 2009

I won!

Well here it is Friday morning and my busy week is almost over! I am so thankful for that.
Let me back up. I tell my children and the marines that you need to pick your battles carefully. If it is not a battle worth winning then don't fight it. I chose to fight the state on medical insurance because I feel that I deserve it and I was not about to sit and let illegals get medical insurance when I am a citizen of this country!
Yesterday I met with a gentlemen from the state review board. I spent a little over an hour in his office and here is what it came down to. Starting in March I will get free medical coverage until October or November. I do still have to pay $1,508 dollars as a delectable, but that will cover me until October or November. I can do that.
I was also informed that my case worker and the social worker from the hospital have been "corrected". It seems that my case worker knew about all the loop holes and the different type of insurance and he did nothing to help me. The social worker at the hospital who was suppose to get my birth certificate has also been corrected. It turns out that she was suppose to get it for me and get it for free!
Amber went with me yesterday, and she asked this gentlemen if she could pull up her medical and see when it ends. It turns out that not only is there no end in sight for that but that the girls have insurance from their sperm donor. Really? I never knew that. Child support services has been contacted and I will be getting all of that information soon.
Before we got to this gentleman's office I got a phone call regarding Ryan. We are jumping through all the hoops right now and we just seem to be hitting dead end after dead end. The gentlemen told me to finish jumping through the hoops and then call him. He will go back and correct everything for me. He also told Amber to contact social security and find out what classes she needs to take to be Ryans care giver. Amber and Nikki both want Ryan to live with him, so this gentlemen suggested that if they take certain classes then social security will pay them to have him live with them!
I am going to tell everyone a few other things that I learned yesterday, so spread the word. First you must apply for public aid and then be rejected. Then you flip that rejection paper over and you file for a hearing. Once you file for a hearing you will get another piece of paper that will tell you to contact a worker, or just show up in court. GO see the worker! Here is why.
1. If you see the worker they will help you, but if you take it to court they will hammer you.
2. There is a lot of very special type of state insurance. You can get insurance to just cover your insulin, your dialysis or whatever.
3. If you can't afford your meds then you need to contact the drug companies direct. They will give you the meds!
4. The hospitals have what they call charity cases. If you have no insurance, and you don't "qualify" for state aid then you can ask for a charity case where the hospital will write it off!
I said that I am going to start asking for charity and then if they say I don't qualify I am going to scream discrimination! LOL
Yesterday I also took Amber to the court house to get all the papers to change her last name. I saw that they courts have a fee wavier, so I made Amber fill out the forms! I said you are 18, so that makes you an adult, and you are unemployed, so fill out those papers and get it all done for free! We ended up bringing all the papers home and we are going to fill them out. Amber is so excited to finally get her last name changed.
I finally called my mom last night. I had to share my good news with her. I did not mention the custody battle or anything else. I made it all about me. It was nice to talk to my mom, but I just don't want to talk about anything else that is going on.
Life is good


Gerry said...

There is a lot of good info here, and since my sister is going to move to Calif. she will need to start studying what she needs to do there to get state aid, so she can get her symptoms checked out, but right now she has decided to get checked out here before she goes. We will see how that goes. Arizona has been hit extremely hard by bad economy and people are going for food stamps more than in any other state, and probably aid, too, but Obama and the Senate reactivated health insurance for children and pregnant women, so that is going to help a lot.

moshell's lilbit of space said...

I knew about the "write off" thing at the hospital, because I have used that personally.

The state will do the same for Tony, but won't cover the treatment he needs for his lung disease because of my income....we are STILL fighting SSI/Disability....and probably will until we are dead! but they give it to the crackheads down the road....DISGUSTING.

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I am hoping everything works out in you favor. Times are tough and they seem to be getting even tougher. Thanks for sharing this info. Take care and enjoy your weekend,

LIZ said...

Wow....I am so thankful I never have to do that...I dont know if I would have been as persistent as you have...good for you!!!

a corgi said...

so glad you won Kelli!!! I think it takes persistence to get anything done in this state and if people just take "no" for an answer and move on then the state saves itself money; glad you decided not to say 'No' and to keep fighting it!! does that mean you'll get to have your surgery?

seems like you finally got someone who knows what they are doing too! now hope he doesn't get laid off in any budget crunch

(love your blue jean entry! I'm the same way with a favorite pair; I wear it out and then am so upset when it finally goes)

so glad you talked with your mom; keep the doors open at least, right!

pouring here right now

have a good weekend!


Paula said...

Good luck! Seems like persistance paid off.

Traci said...

Yippeeeee! That is the best news! We have no recourse here. They have closed enrollment for adults two years ago. My kids are insured but not Lou and I.

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