Wednesday, February 4, 2009

what not to wear

Amber sent this e mail into what not to wear. For the record mt robe is blue.
Hi Stacy and Clinton
My name is Amber Penrod I am writing you because my mom needs your help. My mom’s name is kelli she is 38 going on 39 this year. She is 5’5 between 130 and 140 pounds. Mom wears over sized and too small clothes. Her pants range from 4 to 10 and shirts from small to extra large. Her favorite thing to wear is pajamas and she does everywhere she goes but to make thing worse she wears her dingy green robe everywhere also. If she isen’t wearing pajamas she is wearing outdated 1980-1990 clothes. Her favorite pants split open today right in the butt and her favorite shirt is a USMC wife shirt. It’s so old you can see through it. She tries to look cute and fit in the California look. Moms personality is crazy she is an eccentric loving cat lover. She is also the most giving person I know. Every weekend we have so many people at my house, Mostly marines. She loves having them here. After my step dad had his heart attack she nursed him back to health. She spent all her time helping him get better. My mom’s friend of 20 years or so told me a story about my mom. She had to buy a dress for a wedding. So my mom and her friend jenny went shopping. My mom tucked the tags in on the dress and wore it to the wedding. Needless to say she returned the dress a few days later. This story is just a little glimpse into how cheap my mom is and how much money she does not spend on herself. She spends all her money on us 3 of us kids. As I said earlier my mom is turning 39 this June and I would really appreciate your help in making this the best birthday ever for her this year.
Thank you so much for your time and please Stacy and Clinton help my mom.


natalie said...

Dear Kelli,
that is a wonderful story Amber posted :)
what I like the most about it are all the loving thoughts about you
in it..:)
As I have said before and as I say now, you are one of the best wives
and one of the best moms I have ever met!
love ya, natalie

Queenneenee said...

What a sweet girl you have there Kelli. I love that show, how COOL would that be if you got on it! They realy pamper their guests, and I agree with Amber-you deserve some pampering!

Michelleve said...

She obviously loves you very much to do that! I agree with need some love and pampering back for all you do for everyone else.

a corgi said...

okay, I must be the only one that doesn't know, but who are Stacy and Clinton??

that was a sweet letter Amber wrote; I hope they pick you (for whatever they do)

I'm proud to call you friend :)


a corgi said...

what day in June??


PlantBuddy said...

Dropping in from Natalie's site.
Sorry to learn of your loss.

Trees said...

I watch that show and what a wonderful birthday if they had you on that show and gave you a makeover.

Linda's World said...

That's funny...But I imagine you're comfortable in what ever you wear. If they pick you for the show, be sure & let us know. I used to wear a green Mumu around the house when my kids were still home. Once, many years later... when I was gone they got into the house and stole it away. I was devestated but my daughter made me 2 new ones about 9 years ago ~which by the way I'm still wearing around the house in the summer. I'm comfortable in them! Linda in Washington

Gerry said...

Well, your daughter did not spare you but at the same time she was appreciative of some of the things I have learned to love about you. She seems to have inheritef some of your zany sense of humor. Oh and I read somewhere in a comment you said you had not raad a book in years. What about all these blogs you read and comment on. I know some people who really don't read. Anything. Now you have got your daughter's permission, nay, her urging that you think of yourself. I know you could find the cutest clothes in some great thrift store. I would take advantage of this push in that direction! Happy B Gerry

Paula said...

Great letter your daughter wrote. Good luck.

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Thats was a great letter Amber wrote.

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