Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a day at home

I don't really have anything that I have to do today! I think I am going to just chill and cook Rusty a nice dinner. Oh I better go pull something out of the freezer.

Nikki's cat is still missing. We went to the shelter yesterday and he was not there. So we walked around our neighborhood and then we walked a little further out. Tomorrow Nikki is going to print up some flyer's and we are going to go post them at the animal shelter and then pass them out around here. My in laws once lost their cat and a month later someone knocked on our door and said they had found it. So I am still holding out hope.

Our one foster baby has gunk eye so tonight I will have to go get some meds for him and then he will get fixed and will be sent to his new home in 29 palms. I have a feeling that this year is going to be a busy year for kittens. I need to get out in the garage and get all the kitten stuff together. At one point last year I had everything packed away all nice and neat, but since then people have moved and scattered the stuff everywhere! I hate it when people get into our garage and just start moving shit around.

I am still on my no spending diet. Even if last week we spent money, but for the most part it was on stuff that we needed. I have been so tempted to buy lot's of material. While I was holding all this material I got a mental image of my stacks of material. I put all of it back.

I have also been shopping early for birthdays this years. So as I am finding stuff on sale I am putting the items up, This way I am not tempted to buy stuff just so I have something to give. I am finding that by cutting out the little stuff it us really making a difference in our budget. Now, I can afford to get my nails done because I am cutting out all the non necessities. Not that I need nail, but maybe everyone is right and I should be doing something for myself for a change.

O.K. I am going to get my busy day of doing nothing started. Maybe I can finally get some picture loaded!


nancybrownowl said...

wahooooo!!!!!! at last kellie i have got in first hope your day satys a lazy one but i doubt it lol take care to you and the family and your marines god bless them cats too lets hope the missing one turns up cheerio for now from nancybrownowl xx

Melissa said...

hope nikki finds her cat..i think u should do something 4 urself too

Paula said...

Yep you sure do deserve something for yourself. I get a massage.

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Hope Nikki finds her cat soon. Doing a lil something for yourself sounds like good idea

Gerry said...

Yes, load some photos! I just got through having HUD inspection. I told Doc I cleaned my house for them, so now I will be done until someone else comes along to inspire me. Nay, force me. I have been saving for my trip to Calif this month so am being frugal. So far it has not hurt a bit. Yours and Doc's frugality must be rubbing off on me!

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