Monday, February 9, 2009

Lets see

I really did not do much this weekend. I really did not want to do much this weekend, so I sat in bed a lot! Yep. I parked my bum under the blankets, did some hand sewing and watched t.v.
Friday I got to meet the mom of the marine that was coming in. She is a doll! As always they were two hours late, so I was soaked and chilled to the bone, but it was all worth it! There is nothing like hugging someone that just came home.
Saturday I went and had dinner with another marine. It was nice to just sit and talk to him. We really have not had that much time together since he got home. I will be road tripping with this marine. He wants to go up to Edwards Air Force base and see all the air craft. So I was checking out the bases web page and I totally forgot that the shuttle lands there! I hope we are there when the shuttle lands. Anyway, I am not really into looking at air craft, but I have never been to that base and it will be something different, so that is cool.
Rusty is looking at another busy week. I swear there are times when I see less and less of this man. On Friday I am going to go down to Coronado Island with him. Rusty has a sale going on, but I am going to spend the day walking around the island. The Navy seals also train down there, so maybe I will be able to see some hard bodies training. I so hope I can see some eye candy! After Rusty is done working we are going to go celebrate valentines day, and do some shopping. We need a new computer and I also want to buy Nikki a new digital camera for her birthday.
The guys never did get my car fixed. I think this is week three without my car. Now my car is nothing great. It is 97 Chevy Lumina. The color is suppose to be white, but if I wash it I am scared that it will fall apart. I have milk shake stains all over the back seat, and the car still has a cassette player! However it is my car and that car can haul ass! I want my car back. I did mention to Rusty that if he does not want to fix it he could always buy me a VW micro bus. I have always wanted one of them! I am even going to paint it to look like the hippy mobile.
Last night Amber and Nikki were kinda enough to have a nice little shouting match. The they ended up duking it out. I asked them to take it outside so at least we can look like real white trash, but I guess they did not want to fight in the rain and the mud. Hell, I could have sold ticket's!
This messy house is calling me, so I better go get it cleaned up. Rusty will actually be home for dinner tonight, so I need to get something pulled out for dinner. Oh the joys of my life.


Indigo said...

Make sure to take pictures of the Navy Seals. Nothing like sharing the eye candy *winks*. I think Rusty and Paul are on the same schedule. Luckily I was able to steal some time with him yesterday for a road trip to the mtns. (Hugs)Indigo

a corgi said...

oh my gosh with Amber and Nikki!! don't you just love them (I know you do) bet they are "friends" today!

so glad you had a quiet weekend; it rained; what else was there to do here but spend the time in bed watching TV

I hope you guys have fun down in Coronado on Friday and find a really good place to eat along the way or wherever you plan to go

I loved when we lived in an apartment place in Oceanside years ago.......they had so mighty fine Marines there.....always a joy to be up early watching them go to work

enjoy the day


Melissa said...

id pay to see a cat fight :) i hope u get ur car back soon

Nelishia said...

What bothers me about them still fighting at their age is that they may never ever have a good relationship as grownups if this keeps up. Sometimes things get said that cannot be taken back.
I am happy to hear you are going to have a great Valentine's Day and an evening with hubby tonight too. They NEED to get you your car back. Everytime I see a VW Bus now I'll think of you. I stopped and looked at one just last month and threatened to paint it the exact same way. Isn't that funny. Good for you on vegging on the weekend. You must make people around you feel so comfortable.

Hope you have a wonderful visit on the base too.

Pamela said...

I hope you get your car back soon! I hate feeling stranded. Have fun at Edwards. I hope you do get to see the shuttle. That's something I've always wanted to see.
LOL on the fight. Your White Trash comment made me laugh. You're so funny!
Have a good V-day with hubby!

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