Monday, February 23, 2009

three cheers!!!

I was sitting here getting ready to make an entry, when I looked out the window and saw a black cat. George, one of the black cats was sleeping on the printer. Holy crap it is Lucky! I go tot the front door and call his name and sure enough he came running. I walked back in side and yelled for Nikki. All is now right in Nikki's world.
I have a very busy week a head of me. Wednesday I have to go to base and pick up a kitten. Thursday I have to go get my nails filled and then Thursday night we are heading to 29 palms for Rusty's work. Friday we have to go down to MCRD because Amber ex boyfriend Sam is graduating boot camp. Then I have all the normal stuff I have to do this week. There is no rest for the wicked.
Yesterday I spent most of the day in bed. I just did not feel good. So, today I need to hit the ground running. I must confess that it was nice to spend the day in bed and just chill.
I was suppose to go to a Mary Kay party yesterday, but I was just not up for it. So I gave the girls some money and sent them. Then had a blast! I guess that is every girls dream..... go play with make up. They did bring me home a very nice shade of lip gloss. It will be perfect for summer.
One of the marines that I don't get to see that often came up this weekend. I fell in love with one of the rings she was wearing. She said that she got it at Tiffany's! I was floored. Then she told me that it was only $200. So I went to their web page and I found it. I have a new goal. I am going to save for this ring. Rusty just gave me that blank stare when I told him about the ring. Rusty does not understand my jewelry fetish, but that is o.k. I don't understand his zippo fetish.
Life is good


a corgi said...

so sorry you aren't feeling good, Kelly :(

I hope that stuff (getting someone to pay for your surgery) can get resolved soon

so neat the girls enjoyed their outing to the Mary Kay party; that does sound like fun

a goal to save money for that ring sounds good too!

enjoy your busy week ahead


Linda's World said...

I never thought about staying in bed all day. That sounds like a good idea! Except I don't have any kids around, so no one would care. LOL !! I've never been to a Mary Kay party, since I've been an Avon lady for almost 33 years may have something to do with the fact I've never been invited. With all you have to do this week, remember to take a few minutes for yourself...Linda in Washington

Indigo said...

Yay! Lucky is back. I have a new one around the house I'm trying to save. Sigh...I can't catch him and he's in horrible shape. All I can do is hope he stays alive on the food I'm giving him long enough to start to trust me. I swear I would skin alive any of these ignorant asses that abandon an animal. (Hugs)Indigo

Gerry said...

I am so glad Lucky turned up. A beautiful cat. I still mourn sometimes the devastating disappearance of a cat we had in childhood called Tiger. He had the most rogueish yet fun personality. Like he would lay on our stomachs and if we moved or did something to annoy him he would box us with his paws, as good as saying, "Quit that!" I just did not see how anything could have downed him, but his remains were found later down in the field. Probably a bigger animal like a coyote killed him, as there were a lot of coyotes around and he had gone too far from home to stay safe. Amber should be very happy indeed.

Lisa said...

Kelly, so glad to hear Lucky is back, hope you are feeling better, Hugs Lisa

Missie said...

I'm so glad the cat came back!!

Pamela said...

I'm glad Lucky is back. I had a cat that used to take off for days at a time and he'd show up on our doorstep. Funny kitties.
I hope you get the ring!!
I also hope you feel ok today. It's good to rest when we feel like we have to.

Traci said...

I'm so glad the kitty came home! Yeah!

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