Tuesday, February 10, 2009

anti establishment

Well this morning tested me to know end. I am very anti establishment and today I had to deal with it.
For all of the readers that have not followed me very long let me give you some background info.
I am very anti establishment and I will push the limits all the time. I am very anti "school" and anti "military". I have home schooled and unschooled. I believe that a real education does not happen in a class room. I love all of our guys uniforms. I am so proud of all of them, however I do not agree with the military being the worlds band aids.
This morning I had a meeting at Ryans school. The only reason Ryan is in school is because I needed a break and I was hoping that these "teachers" would be able to do a better job of educating him then I was doing. The key word there is hoping. If you want to see me shake just mention the letters IEP!
Well yesterday Ryan's teacher called me and said that I missed his IEP. What? I said "I called you on Friday to see what day you had rescheduled this meeting for and you never called me back, and now you are telling me that I missed it?" So we agreed to have it at 8 a.m. this morning.
For me that means I have to drag my bum out of bed, get dressed and do something with my hair, just so I can sit in a room full of people that I can't stand!
I arrive at the front office and the principal ( who I really like except when involves Ryan) says Mrs. Nelson we have you for noon. What? I said " Karen I called the teacher last Friday and she never called me back. Then she called me yesterday and said that we were going to do it today at 8:00 a.m. I am here."
So we were getting ready to go into the meeting when I heard them page Ryan up to the office. I looked at Karen and said "Why is Ryan coming?" Karen very nicely said "Well this is his IEP and now that he is in Junior high he has the right to be here." I just smiled and said "I am his mother and I don't want him here and I don't think you do either because I don't have very many nice things to say." Ryan was sent back to class.
After two hours of being with these "professionals" I swear I lost brain cells! I even asked Karen for a pillow so I could continue to bang my head against the wall. I did not take any shit from his teacher and she now hates me. Trust me I will not loose sleep over this issue.
Then Ryan's language art's tells me that Ryan is reading at grade level, but he is not understanding it all. Gee do you think? Then this teacher goes on to tell me that Ryan is going to join the military. I looked this man straight in the face and said "MY SON WILL NOT". The teacher then told me that I should not limit my child. O.K. dude you just struck a nerve in me. I could see my hands going around this guys neck and slowly choking the life out of this man. I looked at him and said "RYAN WILL NOT GO INTO THE MILITARY EVEN IF THEY FIND A MAGIC CURE FOR HIM". This teacher left the room thinking that I was a total bitch. Not that I really care.
I called Rusty and told him everything that happened. Rusty said that Ryan will not go into the military because he would come home in a body bag.
I will not sacrifice my children to the military. I have give my husband, my father and my father in law. They will not get my son. End of statement.
Oh I need a good pill.
The rest of the day has just been busy.


Tightening the Corset Again said...

The letters IEP make my blood run cold. Every time.

Queenneenee said...

OOOOOOOO... I FEEL YOUR PAIN gf. I have a meeting on Thursday of this week! Nobody knows a child like their MOTHER. NO ONE! I intend on kicking some ass at my meeting, you will be proud lol. Now.... B R E A T H E ! ! !

a corgi said...

(((Kelli)))) The IEPs always seemed so pointless to me as nothing ever seemed to get accomplished despite their best efforts

and worse yet it was cold this morning!! we had frost on our windshields; truly not a morning to out and get frustrated like this


Jeanne said...

Oh my friend, I've gotta tell you, I am NOT as "anti-establishment" as you are and believe me, I could STILL shake some of the teachers out there!!! That being said, my 20 year old had a VERY heated discussion with a professor about this very subject. He thinks teachers are all lazy bums who teach so they can get the "perks" (what are those exactly?) and the summers off. My daughter is going to school to be a music teacher and she is VERY passionate about it. She wants to make a difference in kids lives....she's not going into it for any "perks" or vacations. It apparently was a very heated discussion that came complete with the professor shaking his finger in her face. My response? If he is so AGAINST teachers, WHY IS HE TEACHING?????

Anyway, I hear you 100%. There are some AWFUL teachers out there. But I've just gotta say....there are some really loving, caring and committed ones out there too....


Indigo said...

Oh good gravy, maybe your right and I should move up that way. We could gang up on the ignorant idiots. The Military? what the hell. Ryan can't even take care of himself let alone keep himself alive during enemy fire.

I'm sorry you had to deal with the jackels...Sigh...Gary reupped in Iraq. My heart is screaming for my daughter. I want her to be happy and I know she loves him. However if I had a choice I would of never picked a military guy for her. We heard 4 married men died over there a few days ago and I cried, I knew it wasn't him but damn...(Hugs)Indigo

Michelle said...

Good for you girlfriend! Don't let them off the hook for anything.

are tehy out of the friggen mind about Ryan going into the Miltary????

Brian's biggest fear (my son with ASD) is that he'll be drafted one day. even though there isn't a draft.

Over my dead body will he go - draft or no draft -and I've told him not to worry about this. (whch he does anyway because he is a worrier)

watch out for those miliary people that comoe into the school and try to make it seem like its a great idea to join.. They act like its like going on a vacation joining up.

I hate IEP's - I used to be way more combative in those meetings then I am now - but we've had to bring in advocates and a lawyer once to get the point across that They were fighting with the wrong Mother bear! They backed off.

The funny part is that the lawyer was a friend of my brothers and was not in special ed law lol. Just having him present intimidated them enogh to back down.




Melissa said...

sorry u had a rough day

Gerry said...

Well, not having dealt with this kind of problem, I read and learned from what you wrote here. I think it is pretty cold blooded to be talking about Ryan going into the military. When did that idea come into vogue although there has long been the idea that those who could not get jobs easily might find one. I tend to be on your side almost entirely since I am on record as going against the establishment to the max when I finally got up my nerve to battle to the death practically. You can't allow yourself to go contrary to your own good sense, because the nature of establishment is bullying. To me theirs is the line of least resistence to bad ideas! Gerry

Traci said...

Just one of the many reasons I no longer teach public school. IEPs. Pointless. Waste. Of. Time. Especially when there is one special ed teacher for the whole school. Don't get me started. Love you. You do what is best for your children.

Traci said...

Just one of the many reasons I no longer teach public school. IEPs. Pointless. Waste. Of. Time. Especially when there is one special ed teacher for the whole school. Don't get me started. Love you. You do what is best for your children.

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