Tuesday, February 24, 2009

could it be?

One of my dear friends sent me a link yesterday. She said that I am just a few steps away from becoming this cat lady. Rusty said that if were not for him, I would be the crazy cat lady! I think they are both just scared at the fact that sometimes I prefer my animals over people.
Check out this video! I have tried to load it, but I could not get it load.
This morning has been a learning curve for me.
I walked into the kitchen and I see Nikki texting on a new phone. o I asked her where she got the phone. Nikki said "I ordered it off e bay, it was a good deal and it was worth saving for". I just walked away.
I so wanted to snatch that phone up. Not because I am angry but because I want her phone! I had no idea that my daughter was ordering stuff off e bay. I don't really care I was just shocked that she thought to go there to get a new phone.
Amber said hey mom look. There is place that will pay you for your clean urine! I just laughed and said "Well when you guys were younger and I needed money to buy food I sold my hair for a lady that needed to pass a drug test."
The girls just looked at me. Yep I just did what I had to do to get by. That is life.
O.K. now that we have established that I have done some rather shady things in my time, I am going to go sew and make me look like the perfect little house wife!


Martha said...

Oh sure, "shady" is just how we all think of you - NOT! LOL!

Missie said...

Ebay has great phones you can buy and then just put your sim card into the phone.

Have a great night.

Paula said...

A person who loves cats can't be all shady. You have the neatest cat pictures on your blog.

just me said...

Hum, shady huh, can't say that I would think of you that way. I have to admit there are time, today for instance, that I prefer animals to people i have to deal with in person. Guess that is another thing we have in common.

PlantBuddy said...

Greetings Kelli, Thanks for commenting on mine. Love that black cat photo. Happy graduation ceremonies.
Something new for me...a Dream Blog. Drop by when you find time. Here's the link: http://adreams-teller.blogspot.com
One of my hidden talents.

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