Friday, February 6, 2009

eco friendly jeans

Here is how I recycle blue jeans and it was mentioned by wonderful daughter that I finally tore the bum out of my jeans!
1. Find a pair of jeans that you love. One's that actually have hips and are comfy. For me that would be Levis 519.
2. Wear them all the time.
3. When they do stretch out a little bit then add a belt.
4. If you get a hole then you spend hours hand sewing some cool patch on. You must not use a thimble because your cat ran off with it and you have no idea where it is. When you are done with the patch then go get a bad aid to stop the bleeding on your finger.
5. wear the jeans even longer and don't worry if there is no color left in them.
6. When the bum starts to rip out just wear longer shirts to cover that hole.
7. When you are out pulling weeds and you bend over and the bum finally rips all the down.....cry.
8. Take the jeans off and place them on your dresser. They must be in sight so you can cry over them.
9.When your husband is about to go to sleep mention that you ripped the bum out of your jeans. You must show him the hole before you tell him that you are going to take them back and complain about the crappy craftsmanship that when into them.
10. Ignore your husband when he grabs the jeans and say "I can read the news paper through these jeans. Levis is not going to replace 10 year old jeans, so go to the store and buy some more!"
That is how I recycle jeans. I wear them until nothing is left left and then I pout until I get over it. I think I am going to cut the jeans up and make a jean scrap cat blanket out of them. Here are some other ways that you can reuse your old jeans.
1. An iPod pocket protector - Use the pocket area of your blue jeans to make a nifty little purse for small electronics like cell phones and iPods. It would also be perfect as a little snack bags for young kids. Get instructions here.
2. Use the legs to make a wall organizer perfect for sewing notions.

3. Stuff them with straw and use them to create a scarecrow for fall decorating.

4. Cut them into squares and make a quilt or cut them into strips and make a rag rug.
6. Use old jeans to make unique placemats...incorporate the pockets as part of the placemat to hold silverware in place
7.Use the legs from blue jeans to make two wine the bottom closed, and hem the top leaving an opening on one side, or both sides, to thread through a golden cord drawstring. Leave plain or embellish with lace, buttons, ribbon, or small silk flowers. Tres chic! ( I am going to do this one for Christmas!)

8.Use a pair of overalls for this project. Cut the seams of the legs apart and then sew both of the front legs together and then both of the back legs together. Slip over you head for a great apron. You can also use as a great overall dress. Quick and easy.
As always please leave me your ideas.
For the record, I have not gotten any new jeans. I went into my closet and I looked at these jeans that I had that I think are totally cute, Anyway I use to save them for when we "out". No more I am now wearing them and I will wear them until the bum is gone. No more spending money on things I don't need.


It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I love this entry. I just had a funeral for a pair of my favorites. Thanks for sharing this. Please stop by I have something for you! Take care and enjoy your Friday!

LIZ said...

There is nothing worse than having to part with your favorite pair of jeans!!!

Paula said...

Aww Kelli you're something else. I love jean "stuff".

just me said...

LOL, great entry. I feel the same way about jeans and not spending money on things I don't need. Great recycling ideas. I will put some of them to use.

Martha said...

I wear my clothes out like that too - and I just love old ripped comfy jeans! Your ideas for recycling them are great - I just wish I could sew.

Melissa said...

u are the jean queen

Heli gunner Tom said...

I never had to rip or mess up my new jeans-- because i was a welder at American Motors Corp....Ha!

tom S

moshell's lilbit of space said...

Yeah....I finally had to make mine into summer shorts (only to garden in mind you) but I was so sad...and yes, you could read a newspaper through them!!

Like the ideas...I have some old ones in the I know what for :)

Traci said...

I wish I cared about sewing. I just don't. I don't even have a sewing machine anymore. I'm glad there are those who do!

Indigo said...

If I didn't know before, I'm positive now...we are twins from another mother. I hate getting new jeans, I wear the knees, the butt out of every single pair. I love that torn worn look.

Another re-use of jeans - cut the legs off at the crotch. Sew along the bottom. Use excess material from legs to sew liner and a strap, make a purse. It's kind of cool as you have the front and back pockets. This same system can be used to make laptop carriers. Not to mention you can spruce it up with patches.


Lori said...

Great post! I usually wear mine the same way -- until there is absolutely no wear left and no shirt long enough to cover the holes in them!

Gerry said...

I just want to say that I did not have any blue jeans or levies for years because I could not afford them and I hadn't discovered thrift stores, so now I have about ten pair that I got for a dollar or two and people gave me. I take everything. I need 27 pairs of jeans to make up for all the years I never had any. And since I change clothes so often they have no chance of wearing out. I wish you could go to my thrift store. And you could find all the jeans you want your size. When people stop giving away their clothes I may be in trouble again. Anyway I enjoyed your discussion of your jeans because you are never deadly serious about anything so anything you write is pretty entertaining. Gerry

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