Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the right thing

Well here it is Wednesday. Today I have to go south and take something to Rusty and then pick up the kitten. I am looking forward to a little time to myself.
Nikki knows the boy that lives across the street from us. He got in some trouble at the beginning of the school year and now he is going to an alternative school. This young man knows that he screwed up and he is trying very hard to get back into regular high school. So I told him, if you ever need a ride to school let me know, I will hook you up. So this morning he asked me for a ride. It was to talk to this young man. He said that he has to complete 20 more hours of community service by the end of the year. That sent my mind spinning. O.K. Rusty needs help from time to time or I could have him help with the church yard sale. I think I am going to have him help with the church yard sales. This way he will be around people his own age who have goals and some direction. I told this young man that I will find him 20 hours worth of work.
Yesterday I talked to Nikki's other dad, Poppi. He said that he was going to announce that there has been some big changes in the mission trip this year. With much prayer and much talking with some other leaders they have decided that going to Fiji would not be the right thing to do. Fiji is very expensive and these kids have to raise all the money. As soon as that was said another door opened. They are heading to Haiti.
Hearing the words Haiti just made me smile. Last year while Nikki was touring with a group called Live Offensively she met some missionaries from Haiti and she so wanted to go. Nikki asked Rusty if she could go to Haiti and she even said that she would raise the money for the air fare. Rusty gave Nikki a firm "no". That was that. Nikki also said that she wanted to spend a 4th of July here in the states.
Well, Nikki spoke those words and now she is getting everything! Nikki is a little upset because she was getting ready to send out some sponsorship letters and they all said that she was going to Fiji. Oh that is just a little bump in the road.
I am not worried about Nikki going to Haiti. I know that the Lord will protect her. he always does. I must confess that every year I go on line and I follow Nikki around. I check the weather, read all about the history of the area where she is, I even check with the air lines to make sure that they arrived and departed o.k.. I am not sure if it is wrong to live through someone else, but I do it anyway.
I have a ton of minding that has piled up on my table. I keep working on it, but the pile never seems to go down. I must wonder if other people are sneaking into my house and leaving their mending.
Tomorrow I am going to hit a few thrift store. I need to find a black shirt to wear to Sam's graduation. I have a red skirt and some black sandals (that were given to me), so now I just have to find a shirt that fits.
After we are done at the graduation I am thinking about taking Amber, Nikki, and Chris down to Point Loma so we can go out on the cliffs. The girls have been wanting to go do that for a while now. Chris said that he has never been down to Point Loma. I was stunned so I said "How come you have never been down there? It is free!" Chris said "That is why. My mom never took us any place that was free because she thought that meant trashy". Oh well. I am determined to show this boy a good time without spending a lot of money.
I better get moving. My life awaits me.
Life is good


Missie said...

I can't wait until I can walk better and start hitting the thrift stores.

Enjoy your day.

Anonymous said...

I think having him help with things that put him in contact with others his age, perhaps others with better goals will give him positive ideas, hope....etc.
I wouldn't be worried about the location~Haiti. I don't see it as your really living thru someone else, just as someone VERY INTERESTED :-0 keeping track of.
My life awaits me.......I love that. ~Mary

Paula said...

Just stopping in to see what you're up to today. Good things as usual I see.

a corgi said...

oh wow, Haiti, that will be eye opening for sure!

does the black shirt need to be buttoned down? I have a black top, gold trim across the top, 3/4 length sleeves, Ralph Lauren no less (my MIL gave it to me for Christmas); new, never wore it. Medium size. If you think you can use it, let me know.

Point Loma sounds fun!


Melissa said...

thats nice what ur doing

Traci said...

You are a marvel! I love the way your mind works and you get things done. Nikki will be ok. God will protect her.
My girls are growing so much I need to hit the thrift stores too! Do they have consignment sales out your way? You gather all of your kids gently used clothes and resell them at huge sales where a lot of other moms bring stuff too. Toys, clothes, shoes. It's great and saves tons of money.

Heli gunner Tom said...

Great Idea to help that kid!!


ADM DESIGN'S said...

What ur doing is nice.

LYN said...



Pamela said...

You are such a good person to help that kid. You make a difference in people's lives. Loved your last line when you said "My life awaits me." LOVE that!

LIZ said...

So nice of you to help this young man out....hopefully he will make a change for the better!!!

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