Wednesday, February 4, 2009

oh the joys

Yesterday was actually a real good day! First thing in the morning I went and coffee with a fellow blogger. It is always nice to sit and talk with another adult. Oh and she gave me a bag of avocados, which Nikki will love and she gave me a shirt that I told her I liked!
Then I had to run to wal crap and pick up a few items. A very nice night gown caught my eye. It had dragonfly's on it, so I bought it. I can't remember the last time I bought myself something new. Now I will have to get rid of one of my old night gowns. That should not be to hard since you can read the news paper through most of them. The girls said that it is not a very sexy night gown, but I told them that if I want sex I just crawl into bed naked.
I found out yesterday that the marine that just home got two purple hearts. I am not suppose to know this. What? he got shot twice? I swear to you that when I see him I am going to ask him what the hell. Why didn't he tell me. I know why, because he would not want me to worry, but I am the mother hen. I am suppose to worry. That is my job.
Then another marine called me complaining that she was sick and that she did not feel good. O.K. let me get this straight, you have free medical. You can go to the doctor anytime. I am sitting here gathering up $10,000 worth of medical bills. I am sorry but you are not getting sympathy from me, not to mention that I don't do pity parties anyway. Stop complaining or go to the doctor. I don't care which.
Amber also got on my last nerve yesterday. I had to finally tell her to get off her ass and move on with life. I was so sick of her complaining about not having a job. Then she complained because she could not get her computer to work right, and her computer class is to hard...Blah Blah Blah! That's it. I finally said "Get off your ass and figure all of this out. Your computer isn't working right? Then play the dumb blond and call geek squad. Your having trouble in your computer class? Then go get a tutor. You don't have a job? Then go find a way to make some money another way. Get off your ass and stop having a pity party for one."
Well, Amber did get off her ass. She got the computer thing figured out and she thinks she has the homework figured out now. She went and registered at some place on line, and she has a babysitting job on valentines day. Amber said I know it is not much but at least it is money. Finally, she is getting it. Life is tough, so she needs to be tougher.
This morning Nikki asked me where the envelope was that had her mission trip money in it. It seems that Nikki has some how come up with $20 to put into her account. I am very proud of her. I am not sure how she came up with that money because she only works a few hours a week, and is struggling to make her phone bill. I am proud of her for setting money aside to help pay for her trip.
My car has been over heating, so I have been driving Amber's car, but today I will have to drive my car. I just hope that it gets me to and from the store. Last weekend I asked the guys to fix my car. It is not fixed. I had a bunch of guy's standing around looking at it and debating what was wrong with it, but it never got fixed. They need to fix my car!
Life is good.


Paula said...

Isn't it the pits when something is wrong with your car? You don't miss it until something is wrong and then you think of all kinds of places you need to go. Good luck.

PlantBuddy said...

Hi Kelli, thanks for stopping by and your comments on Saint Valentine book. It would be great if you ordered it from my blog. Did you see the Amazon ad top left? Just click on it for full details. You would be my first order!!

a corgi said...

good for you with Amber!! and good for Amber!! I'm glad she's doing something constructive!!

you can mention me by name, LOL, if you want to in your journal; I just don't like hubby/son's name used for their privacy; I'm such an open book, LOL

I hope the avocados ripen soon! I keep looking at mine willing them to be ready

hope the car gets fixed quick; I know the feeling

hey, I'm taking a break from journals for just a bit; got a lot on my mind and can't focus on things, LOL (a lot about what we talked about yesterday with kids) but I will be reading journals and definitely your journal!!

coffee soon!


Heli gunner Tom said...

I would be screwed royal if I didn't have wheels here in the boondocks, WI. We had 3 working vehicles but I sold my class motorcycle last Summer for $12,500.
Per your engine overheating-- that could RUIN your engine! I used to build them on the Chrysler Assembly line 5 years ago.

Jesus is Lord.

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I so want a new car and now a new nightgown. Best to you and yours always. I am hoping today and all your tomorrows treat you well. Take care of you my friend,

natalie said...

Dear Kelli,
thanks so much for writing some comments in my blog.
You mean the world to me and it's no joke.
Kelli, have you written some comments on Tom's entry and on Dirk's entry yet?
Kelli are you worried that the
new gun law will affect our right to carry guns?I guess what I am saying is you and I should tell our friends about this bill so more people will call their senators and try to block it.

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