Thursday, February 12, 2009

I swear on all that is holy

I would like to know who gave me the right to have 5 teenagers under one roof. That's right I said 5! Lets see there are my 3 plus Chris, who does not live here, but should since he is always here and then we have a young marine wife staying here. Oh it boggles the mind.
Lets start:
Chris. Yes his mom is in the hospital and is not doing that good. Yesterday before Chris went up to the hospital I gave him some words of wisdom.
1. Don't take anything your mom says to heart. She is detoxing and that is not pretty.
2. If you see your dad offer an olive branch. Offer to go over and help clean up or do laundry or something. If he shoots it down then that is on him.
Chris did offer the olive branch and he was allowed to go over to his house and see his younger sister. Before Chris went I reminded him that people will only treat him the way he allows them to treat them, so if everyone starts getting ugly, then he needs to leave. I have not talked to this Chris since he went back home for a visit.
Last week I asked Rusty to please go with Chris to talk to a recruiter. I told Rusty that he needed to man up and show Chris that there are real men in the world unlike the "father" that Chris has. So yesterday Rusty told me that he will take Chris down to talk to a recruiter. Oh I love that man.
Amber. Amber is struggling with a computer class that she is taking. O.K. I know that college is not for everyone, and I know that an education will only get you so far, but here is my point. How will Amber learn what success taste like if she just gives up when things are hard. All of her life she has just thrown her hands up and said "I am just stupid I give up.
Well a few day's ago I asked Amber if she was still having trouble and she was. So I went on the hunt for a tutor. One of the marines is going to come up this weekend and help Amber out. I looked at Amber and I said "Quiting and failure are not an option here". Nothing was said back.
Then this young marine wife that is staying here asked me to teach er how to knit. So yesterday I had her sit on the sofa and I sat on the floor and I showed her how to knit. This gal kept trying until she got it right. So Amber decided that she wanted to learn. So I went and hunted down some more needles. Amber tried about 3 time and then just gave up! I said "hey Amber how about learning some new words. Words like success, determination, and persistence".
Lauren. Her and one of the marines just got married. That is who Amber went to Louisiana to see get married. I offered to have her stay here for a few weeks until they found a place a to live.
Her husband was right. All she does all day is sit on the sofa and watch tlc! If I ask her to do something she will, but she never does anything without being asked! This morning I had to switch her laundry around just so I could finish mine. This girl has no clue about what it is like to be married. She is a nice girl, but she needs to get a clue!
Oh! One of the things the couple needed was a washer and dryer. There was a washer and dryer sitting on someones curb. I told Lewis, the husband, that if it is there in the morning I am going to go ask the people what the deal is. So Lewis and I walked down there and the guy said that we could have them, and that they work fine, it's just that they are moving and they bought new stuff. So they have a washer ans dryer! and they were free.
Ryan. Oh this child. I just bought him new shoes at Christmas and he has now blown them out! I actually do not know when he tore a hole in his shoes but I noticed it the other day. Asking Ryan a question like why or how is pointless so I just shook my head. Yes, I do have another pair of shoes for him, but they are the next size up!
Am I alone here? I am spending about $120 a years just in shoes for this kid! I have to buy him a new pair every other month. I don't spend that much on my own shoes in 5 years and I don't tear my shoes up. So this morning I had Ryan bring out all of his laundry and the socks I gave him about two months ago are now black! They were white and damn near brand new when I gave them to him. They were not just dirty from having a hole in his shoe, they were dirty all over. So this morning I had to soak the socks in some bleach water, which I never do. I hate bleach.
I often hear people say "you should buy Ryan new stuff, why don't you buy him brand name stuff. You know what people. SHUT UP! You don't live my life. You have no idea what it is like to have a child totally trash an outfit that was perfect when he put it on this morning.
Nikki. She is just my angle and I am so glad that God gave her to me.
I did not get much sleep last night. Rusty was gone and Butter was in and out of bed all night long. Screw coffee. I need sleep.


Indigo said...

5 Teenagers? I would be throwing chores at them left and right. Good Gravy hon, no wonder your so tired. I would be too under those circumstances. For boys no matter what it's just senseless to buy name brand items. I've never seen one that was rough on clothing yet.

Hope your able to get some rest and serenity dear one! (Hugs)Indigo

Heli gunner Tom said...

|I don't think you will like my comment about raising kids-- but |I had 3 of them and now they all seem to be good, hard working, solid adults. "Tough Love" is the name of the game, and a stick across the butt does wonders in getting their attention! But now days, studying the Bible with your kids is NOT 'politically correct'.. lol. Hint: "When all else fails-- read the [BIBLE] directions"
Have a GREAT day!

Warm Regards,
Tom S

Paula said...

All I can say is good luck but I think you are doing a pretty good job. Don't worry about the black socks John is a grown man and his are black sometime. I soak 'em in Biz, wash and dry 'em and put 'em back in his drawer. Hope he keeps his jeans pulled down over them. lol

Melissa said...

wow..that tired me out just reading it.

char said...

i hope Amber perseveres~ as a tutor myself i have found that 95% of college/uni is to "keep on going".

i suggest watching many adventures and comedies that remind her of the point of life's challenges~ to show us what we are capable of and have potential for (Odyssey, Finding Nemo, etc).

sometimes the universe just thinks one doesn't have enough character yet :-)

especially, network with other students on and offline. the lone wolf approach to learning and development is misguided and limiting.

for a topic/subject that is really difficult to comprehend take on vol work for a couple of hours a week where you can learn about it hands-on (I now have a sustainable income from a subject that i was failing miserably~ statistics).

hope this helps~ metta

Chrissie said...

Oh Lord honey you do need rescuing from all that.
My kids are struggling this term with college because the classes are really hard. I've heard drop the class come out of both mouths, but they are still pushing along. I just hope they pass them.
Hope you get some rest soon.
Take care, Chrissie

Traci said...

Your plate is always so full! I think that Amber sounds like so many kids. I hope she keeps trying. Yay for Nikki! I've been teaching kids to knit for weeks now. Emma is on the couch knitting as I type!

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