Sunday, February 22, 2009

I warned him!

For years now I have been threatening Rusty to replace all of our furniture with bean bag chairs. Well.....
Yesterday Amber and I were out to some yard sales and we came across a love sack. A love sack is this really huge bean bag chair, and the lady only wanted $10 for it, so we bought it.
After we tried to squeeze it into Ambers car, a guy finally offered to bring it to the house for us. So we start to drag this huge love sack into the house. O.K. now we have to get rid of a chair, so we move a crappy chair (like the rest of our furniture) out to the garage. We get the love sack cleaned up and we both fell into it. It is so comfy!
When Rusty came home he just looked at this love sack and shook his head. The man is getting better about not asking questions. I just said "I warned you that one day I would replace all the furniture with bean bags."
Leeroy was working on his car yesterday. Now Amber being the ever so helpful person walks up to Leeroy and very calmly says "Your car is on fire." Sure enough the car was on fire, so Leeroy poured mountain dew on it to put it out.
Then yesterday Nikki sent me a text telling me that her sponsors did not show up for the car wash. I text Nikki back and said don't worry I have your back. That did not make Nikki happy. She was very disappointed that people did not follow through with what the said they would do.
So I started call and asking all the marines to give Nikki $20 each. So when Nikki walked in there was a note on the table that said for Nikki and all of the marines signed their names to it. Nikki was so happy! Now she is only $30 short and I know that she will find that money some place. I will give Nikki the money, but she wants to do this on her own.
Well my bathroom is calling me. I guess I should go clean it.


Linda's World said...

In another lifetime when I was married, we had one of the old, original bean bags in the living room. It seems there were always a fight over who was going to sit in it. It was very comfortable, for sure. Linda in WA

Heli gunner Tom said...

What a fine post-- and what a fine SONG about the 173rd Airborne!!
Would you cut and paste- send it to me, please?

I just posted a special article about the REAL Vietnam War for all to read-- the TRUTH, for a change.


a corgi said...

poor Nikki; its hard to learn these lessons at such a tender young age :(

she'll get less trusting and that's a sad thing, isn't it?

that love bag sounds heavenly!!! enjoy it :)


Missie said...

I think every one loves bean bag chairs!

Have a good week.

Nelishia said...

I love bean bag chairs but look like a drunkard getting out of them, ending up on my hands and knees and trying to find something to push up on so I can get off the floor. I am getting old. Oh, but in my heart, I am right there with ya babe!
It's a shame that people would promise to do something for something like that for Nikki and then not show up. JLand would definitely help. She'd probably get more money than she needs just because so many love you therefore we care about Rusty and your girls and all the Marines.
I'm your bean bag loving, hippie/Indian girl friend, just saying hi.

Pamela said...

I had a bean bag chair as a teen. I loved the thing! I don't think I could get out of one now! LOL!

Chrissie said...

I may get Kyan a bean bag chair because he has just become fascinated with them. I had one when I was a teen. Loved them.
That is so wonderful that the marines helped her out that way and I know it meant a lot to her.
Shame on whoever said they would sponsor and didn't.
Thank you for the offer of a blanket. That would be wonderful. We just THINK it's a girl right now, but will not know for sure probably until around May.
Take care, Chrissie

Indigo said...

Paul gave up asking questions a long time ago. He's still baffled with my need to buy more books when I have a huge to be read pile already. My response is would you rather I brought more furniture to fill our already overflowing house?
He doesn't ask anymore. (Hugs)Indigo

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