Tuesday, June 15, 2010

tomorrow I will be 40


That corgi :) said...

happy birthday Kelli! 40 is young!! hope you find the sewing machine you want!! glad Amber came back home; hope all worked out regarding her fender-bender


Linda's World said...

Happy Birthday! I wish I were 40 again & know what I know now. Just prior to my 40th birthday my husband ran off with my best friend. Needless to say I was devestated! I wasn't working at the time, my husband was gone, my friend was gone & I was thinking who's going to want to give me a job at this age? But things worked out, I did find a job & worked there for 25 years until I retired. And I survived the break up of my marriage, in fact I think now she may have done me a favor. I hope you have a wonderful birthday & also sending wishes for many, many more. Linda in Washington

salemslot9 said...

happy belated 40th birthday, Kelli

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