Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the silence is good

Well, I have been busier then a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. I finally have no company, and I so love it. It seems like everyone looked at a calender and said lets all go see Kelli at different times. Yesterday I finally got to do what I wanted to do. I cleaned some carpets and did some sewing.

* Amber said that she was going to go apply for a job as a go go dancer. I told her to go for it. She walks around here in shorts and shakes her bum, she might as well get paid for it.

* I got three new kittens in. They are here just until after Halloween. One of them is black and they won't adopt out black cats around Halloween. Rusty has fallen in love with this cat and has renamed him bradly.

* Speaking of cats, I have mice. How in the world does a women with four cats and three foster cats have mice? I don't get it, but the cats are slowly killing them. Which is a good thing.

* I think I broke my sewing machine yesterday. I was sewing on some upholstery material when it started acting up. I know better then to sew heavy stuff on my machine, but I did it anyway. I will have to look at it this morning and see if I cant figure something out. I have a quilt that I need to finish damn it.

* Rusty and I went to the ball and we had a good time. I did fit into that little red dress, but I think it will be the last time I wear it. It is starting to fray. I must say that I did look good.

* I got my hair trimmed the day of the ball. She only took off an inch, but it felt like more. So now it is two inches above my bum. The poor lady and to get on her knees to cut and straighten my hair. I offered to stand up, but she said no.

* One of the marines is in hot water and she goes on trial tomorrow. The chips will fall where they may.

*time to get busy and get some stuff done.


Paula said...

And you didn't even show us a picture of you in that red dress?

Traci said...

What a week. Amber, seriously?! Love the picture of the cat skeleton.

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