Wednesday, October 28, 2009

doing nothing

I am not sure what is going on with me. I have been busy, but doing nothing.

I have three babies in still. They are here to gain weight, and since one of them is black he can't be adopted out until November. For the record yes I am counting my black cats. So far they are all here, so that is a good thing.

Rusty actually really likes one of the fosters. Rusty tries very hard to not get attached to the cats, but this one has won his heart, so I am thinking about giving it to Rusty for our anniversary. Rusty even named this cat.... his name is Bradley.

Amber is still looking for a job. She did get the job as a go go dancer, and she did for a few nights, but Rusty said it was very fishy, so Amber has not been back. Will she ever find a job? I swear there are no jobs here in California.

I have recently started speaking to my mother but only on topics that do not cause an argument. I guess that is something. At least we are doing that.

For now I am done with all the quilts for the marines. I do need to make a few for the two guys that are leaving in the spring, but they can wait. Right now I am working on some quilts for the shelter, and a quilt for one of Nikkis friends.

I have also been thinking about who I am going to adopt next year. Last year I made quilts for the veterans home, and this year I made lap quilts for the shut ins. It is very heavy on my heart that I need to make baby quilts. So I talked with a fellow j lander and she is going to see if her church could use them. This is a big jump for me because I don't usually make baby blankets unless I know I am going to need them, but my heart is telling me to make baby blankets.

I must say that summer is over and I am so sad to have to put my flip flops away. I need to learn to enjoy the cooler weather, but as of yet I have not. I guess growing up right out side of Chicago has made me not want any cooler weather.

Well I need to go to the store and get busy. Life is calling me, so I need to get to it.


Paula said...

Thats our Kelli, always busy busy. Cute cat picture.

seeking the truth said...

I'm so glad Amber is not a go-go dancer any more; there's just something sleazy about are right there are no jobs in Southern California; there's a key to finding a job here but some people can't figure out the key

I think its awesome you look for new charities to donate your wonderful quilts too

geesh this wind!!!!!!

but I hear it is supposed to be 80 by the weekend


louise said...

HI See you are as busy as ever! Explain to me about the black cats??? Is it to do with Halloween? Glad Amber is no longer a GoGo dancer, I am sure the job for her will be right around the corner. xx

Gerry said...

It's just as well Amber did not stick with that job, she might be better off not to work than work there. My daughter-in-law had to get a divorce (she got pregnant with a child not my sons) after getting a job working in a bar and partying with customers. Her boss asked her if she was okay with a divorce if he hired her and he was right! Too much temptation and drinking men flirting, it goes to anyone's head, even mine and I was older. I just couldn't handle that much flattery And Amber is so cute. Sounds like recession hit CA as it has AZ and took away a bunch of jobs. Might be some time before it gets back to 'normal.' Tell Amber to find something to make at home and sell to make money. Her mother is handy and could teach her. Gerry

moshell's lilbit of space said...

you can always adopt me :)

as far as the cold....I miss it, well not the cold, but the snow for sure

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