Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am strong.

I know that a person should never ask why, and for the most part I don't. You have to take the good with bad, and share your experiences with other people. I know that. I get it.Right now I am going to go into melt down mode. All of the marines call me mom or SgtMajor of marine corps base Lake Elsinore. Thats me. Mom to any marine that walks into my life. I also put them in line when they step out of line. Thats what I do.Last month I had one of the marines mom contact me and ask me how to send a red cross message. The wheels in my head started turning. I know this. I have delt with death and the military before. Think Kelli Think. O.K. I got my thoughts in order and and I told her how to do it. She had to send a red cross message to her son who kinda busy fighting a war. We talked. I tried to comfort her.Last night my phone rang, and since I did not know the number I sent it to voice mail. A few moments later Amber cam in and said you need to get up LeeRoy is on the phone, his sister just died.Crap. Grab my glasses, robe and Rusty's slippers. I went outside to call LeeRoy. There was big bad marine crying on the phone to me. His sister finally lost her battle with cancer. She was 26 and she left three small children behind.My mind goes back to just a week ago when I told LeeRoy everything that he needed to do. You got to get home, take care of your mom. Most off make sure the little ones are surrounded by love and support.Then Leeroy says "We went and made all the arrangements... before she died. Mom do you know how creepy that is?" Yes my dear son I do I did the samething for my dad."Mom I can't believe my sister just died. We should be laying our parents to rest, not each other." Yes my son. I know that as well. Remember last year when I laid my sister to rest."Mom here is all the info will you please call everyone and let them know?" Yes my son I will do that for you.My shoulders are going to break. Oh wait they can't. I can handle anything because God would not give me more then I could handle. It just seems like a lot.


Gerry said...

Oh, well this guy must have known what strong woman to call when he was hurting so bad. Sorry to hear this. Three little kids left without a mom, too. That is really sad.

That corgi :) said...

((((Kelli))) and ((((Leeroy))) such a sad situation; I am glad you were there to help him

this is when we just have to trust in God, as hard as it is, and know he knows best

and then we have to reach out and help as we can, like you are doing


Bob West said...

God has greatly gifted you
I enjoyed visiting your blog
God Bless;

Nelishia said...

Mother Theresa said what you are feeling. God will not put on us more than we can bear but I wish that He did not trust me so much.
I have to rely on God's strength alot. I should all the time but I'm human. You have a lot of gifts and talents.
I'm so sorry about those three little kids. Hope they have some people around them to care for them.

natalie said...

Dear Kelly,
My Condolences to one of your Marine sons on hearing about the death of his dear sister.Life seems to be so tough and tumble: why do all of these crazy things go on ? And to such nice people? Kelly as always I am so grateful, as are your sons and your own kids, that you are so wonderful and have such a big heart to help so many people! Big Hugs nd I love u
p.s how will you celebrate Valentines day?
Presidents Day?

Lori said...

You have these responsibilities given to you because you have shown yourself capable of handling them. My heart goes out to you and to this young man and his family.

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