Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I think I need a job.

This mom and house wife gig is getting old. Last night I got the whole house cleaned up, because I was going to grocery shopping, so when the hell?
I got up this morning to my kitchen just trashed. The dogs got into the trash and Nikki decided to cook something at 10 p.m. last night! She was even kind enough to leave everything for me to clean up.
For some odd reason I got up when Rusty did and I just looked at him and told him that I am giving him my two weeks notice and that I am done with this gig. He just laughed. Nikki overheard me and said "Please don't go back to work". Are you kidding? I did I lot less work when I did work.
I want one of those little machines that tell you how far you walk in a day. I know I would run circles around anyone in this house.
There was no sense in bitching about it. I just dove in and got it done. I even defrosted the freezer and got it all wiped down. It really was not that bad considering the freezer is almost bare anyway.
Tomorrow I have no choice but to go grocery shopping. I chose not to go today because it is raining here. I don't mind driving in the rain, its all the other stupid people on the road that bother me.
Yesterday I got a little quilt top done. I wanted something little but funky to cover a little end table. It looks so cool. I need to get some more smaller quilt tops done, so I can lay a ton out all at one time.
Why are young people so stupid? One of my marines has decided that he is going to get married this weekend. What? He met this gal on line and they have only seen each other for two months. I will not allow this marriage to happen, I don't care if I have to hog tie him and keep him in the garage. Sometimes young people can be so stupid.
I took up another challenge, beside my baking everything from scratch. I am eating my way through my pantry. At first I thought this challenge would go by quick. First you get rid of any expired food and then you have to eat what is in your pantry, and make do with what you have.
My pantry is very deep, and there was a ton of food in there, and to be honest there was more food then I thought. I did have to buy the basics like sugar and vegi's, but we are still eating out of the pantry. It is amazing how much money I am saving and it has made me realize just how much food we do have.
Last night I was trying to find something for dinner. I ended up grinding up some meat and making hamburgers. No, I did not have hamburger buns but we had other buns, so we ate them up. Now I had to find stuff to mix into the ground beef. There in my pantry was two things of bread crumbs. Really? I can't remember the last time I used bread crumbs. Anyway everyone liked the homemade hamburgers better then the store bought kind, so I guess I will keep making my own.
My laundry is calling me, so I better get on it.


Paula said...

I know how you feel. I don't have any kids here but John can trash a room in nothing flat. Never puts anything back, never closes a drawer or closet. Drip drip drip on the floor. Gee Kelli thanks for letting me vent on your blog.

That corgi :) said...

keep some of that pantry food Kellie just in case of an earthquake or other disaster; you know how they say for us to be prepared here just in case. We have about a week's worth of staples, bottled water, etc. but it is a good idea to go through and eat some of the stuff that is expiring or about to expire.

son here cooks in the middle of the night (or early morning like 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning). Most days he cleans up but there are those days where there are crumbs all around so I understand your frustration

yes, definitely hog tie the marine; 2 months is too short of a courtship before marriage


natalie said...

I think it is hard when you realize 9and you do) way more about the consequences of a quick marriage than the Marine...
I do hope that you can intervene..The quilt top sounds smashing! Have you made any baby things?
I liked the point about kids cooking at say 10 o'clock; totaly oblivious to what mess they are leaving!
Yup I bet you work yoru tail off at home!
way to go
:) huggggggggggggggggggggs

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