Friday, January 6, 2012

silly Rusty!

Yesterday Rusty and I went to an estate auction. I saw a ton of stuff That I wanted to bid on. Rusty well not so much. So I went and got a number. Silly boy, I can bid without you!

Rusty walked away to answer a phone call and when he came back I was in the middle of a group of guys. all he heard was sold to 116. Then the item was up for bidding. That was when rusty spotted me going toe to toe with a group of guys! Then Rusty heard sold to 116. I walked away with a grin on my face, and that was when it hit Rusty. He said "What all did you buy?"

Well if he must know, I bought a table that i thought would be perfect for my new sewing room, and a dresser from the 1940's. Then i was off to inspect some more items. Rusty was running around trying to keep up with me.

Once again Rusty walked away to answer a call, and he came back to find me bidding on a copper top built in bar! Sold to 116! Rusty shook his head and asked if i had really bought it. Yep. Then he wanted to know I planned on getting it out since there was cement holding it to the floor. HMM I am thinking sledge hammer.

We got the table and dresser home, and I started cleaning them up, and I got some wood conditioner on them. The table is amazing! It has a leaf in it, and then we found the makers stamp. Turns out that it was made in the late 1920's and it was made right here in LA. I am still thinking it will look nice in my sewing room, Rusty thinks cash in his hand would look better. We will see.

This morning we went to destroy the bar. Rusty was still grumbling about this purchase. OH just grab some tools and lets go. It only took us an hour to destroy the bar. Turns out that the copper was thicker then Rusty thought. Turns out the foot railing was all brass. We took the copper and brass to the recycling center and we tripled what I paid for the bar! Suddenly Rusty was smiling, and he said "I had my doubt, but that was a good call baby!"

The above picture was taken on Nikkis graduation day. Sometimes I still can't believe that she moved to Oklahoma!

A year before she moved a marine named Stephen asked Nikki if she wanted to go hang out. Nikki said sure, but asked him to pick her up at the beach, since we had already made plans to go.

Nikki and i had a great day at the beach. For the most part we had the beach to ourselves. So we walked down to the river, collected shells, picked up trash, you know normal things. The one thing we forgot to do was to put on sunscreen, so we were burnt to a crisp.

Nikki called Stephen and asked him to pick up some lotion before he came down to the beach. OH Stephen showed with the biggest bottle of lotion we had ever seen, but it was also Nikkis favorite type of lotion.

Nikki and Stephen left. They had dinner, went to a movie, went bowling, and Stephen got back to base just in time to change into his uniform, and grab his gear.

While Stephen was deployed Nikki went on with life. Stephen and Nikki e mailed, and once in a while they were able to skype. Then Stephen came home, and can we say that the rest is history.

Stephen got out of the marine corp, and Nikki followed him out there. Rusty and I are very happy with this choice. Stephen is a good guy and he is just what Nikki needed.

I miss Nikki, but I talk to her all the time, I send her care packages every month. I don't care how old she is, she is still my kid, so I need to send her my love. Rusty and I are going to go visit them in April, and I can't wait to see her!

Life is good


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