Monday, January 23, 2012

I almost missed it!

While I was laid up people kept asking me what I needed. I really only "needed" one thing and that was one of those pillows with arms. I would just make it so much easier for me to sit up and even get some sleep. However I was not going to ask someone for that.

So i put a post up on freecycle and asked if anyone had that pillow. Even while being sick, I am still cheap, and I am still trying to be green. Its me and that will never change. Anyway, one of my girlfriends saw my ad, and she shot me an e mail asking me if i had gotten any response. I told her that I had not.

A few days later my girlfriend, who works with low income and homeless people, stopped by to pick up some food for a family in need. i was so shocked to see her walk into the house carrying a huge bed bath and beyond bag. I can't believe she went out and bought me the pillow!

Another girlfriend texted me and said "I am target and I am getting you something, so what do you need?" I had her get me some snack crackers and coke, which I did need. I still felt bad by taking something for someone else.

I found out that women's Bible study was getting ready to start, and i really wanted to go. I miss those ladies, and I really needed the encouragement. So one of my girlfriends picked me up, and off we went. When i go to Bible study i try to sit with different people, so I can grow and get to know other people.

Some how the subject of me came up, and how I did not ask for help after i had my surgery. I told them that I find it hard to ask for help, because i am the one that people come to for help. You need food? ok let me clean out my pantry, you need?.....I am always there to help, so taking help is very hard for me. Then an older reserved lady said "you know when people off er to help you need to let them, because you could be denying them the right to be a blessing."

I shut up. She was right. I really need to work on accepting help, in any form. This is a lesson I need to learn, and I have a feeling that I will have plenty of time to work on it.

My hubby continues to be my caregiver, and my rock. He continues to change and pack my bandages. I would love to complain and say "Rusty, I can drive myself to the store, Rusty I fold the laundry, Rusty....." I just can't complain because my husbands love me and he is doing everything he can to keep me safe. I am blessed and I have the best husband ever!

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