Monday, February 20, 2012

six weeks out

Well, here I am six weeks out from major surgery, and I am doing so much better! If I had been totally honist with myself and everyone else, well, lets just say I was on the edge of a breakdown.

Never in my life I had I been through a major surgery, had my own dead flesh floating in bathtub or even been so dependent on someone else. Never in my life have I looked down at my chest and seen holes where puss and blood just flowed out. Never in my life have I had someone say to me "you really need some mood stabelizing drugs."

After I was no longer on the edge, my surgeon gave me all the details about my surgery and what was going on. I have a super bacterial infection that cannot be cured by meds. Which I figured. It is by chance that the infection settled in my breast because it could have settled any where. The largest hole in my chest was about three inches and it reached my chest cavity wall. I bled so bad that they had to coterize some of my flesh, and he almost gave me blood. One of my other holes, well the stitches popped open so that also had to be packed. The glands in my arms are about the size of an acorn, but they are starting to get smaller.

I had to take a bath twice a day. Not just any bath, but a nice hot bath where my chest was under water. That did help me remove all the packing, but it also helped get all the dead stuff out. To say the very least it was painful. Then everyday, twice a day Rusty would have to pack my sores. That was also very painful.

Today, my holes are almost healed. I never thought I would see the day when skin would once again cover the holes in my chest. My arms and chest are still very tender and lifting and holding things can still hurt me, but I am getting stronger every day.


Sherry said...

Bless your heart, i hope you are feeling stronger and better, will say prayers for you, I miss you blogging, are any of the girls home to help you out?

Paula said...

This was such a shock to me because I remember what a lively lady you were in the blogging community. Remember the trip you took and stopped here in south Texas to pick up me and my cow Shelly Marie. lol Well sweet lady know that I'm glad you are getting better and I will ask God tonight to please make your recovery faster.

Lori said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so glad it is healing well. You have been through quite an ordeal, and I had no idea!! Hope every day sees you feeling better and getting stronger.

Eddie Red said...

Thanks a lot for sharing. I hope that you are recovering well. Check out the Clarity House Sober Living for Women website if you are looking for help. Clarity Sober Living for Women

Geetika said...

Be strong, keep going on...tomorrow is always better,life not so sour
Being a woman gives you extra strength.. I can only pray for you stranger.
Hope you keep smiling and recover well:)

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Roberta Gauci said...

Be strong, get well soon

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