Wednesday, January 4, 2012

the babies reminded me

These two cute little ones are Brice (bubba) and Sissy, and every time I see them I do nothing but smile.

Over the last couple of years I had met their mom and dad,( Kristen and Jessy) but just in passing. Then on day they all come over to house. Rusty needed help with something, so he asked one of friends, and our friend brought them over.

At first I could have cared less either way. I had a massive infection in my boob. I was on meds and I could not lift my arm without being in unthinkable pain. I was really in no mood to entertain company or chase children around.

I had just asked Rusty to pull my hair back when everyone walked in. Kristen looked at Rusty and laughed and ask "Just what are you trying to do?" Kristen came over and took the rubber band out of Rusty's hand. Then the guys went to the garage. Great. Now i have some strange women playing with my knotted, dirty nasty hair!

Then out of the blue Kristen says "would you like to brush your hair?" Girl, i have a ton of curly long hair that has not been brushed in a week, but sure you can give it a shot. So i went and got the brush. I have a tough scalp. I guess I have gotten use to people pulling my hair out while they try to brush. (and because my grandmother would turn the brush around and thump me on the head if I moved)

Kristen did such a great job, and it did not hurt one bit. Then she says "would you like me to wash your hair?" What? Is this chick for real? I went and got the shampoo and conditioner, and she got to washing my hair. It felt so good to have clean hair. After she brushed my hair again Kristen said " would you like me to trim your hair?" All I could think is "who are you and why would you do something nice for me?

Well Kristen got out her scissors and she trimmed up my hair. I had no idea she was a no shit beautician!

After all of that was done, I made us all some pb&j, and filled our glasses with milk. The kids acted as if i gave them a gourmet meal! Then i offered them some cookies. Yep, I think that is when the kids started to like me.

Kristen and I took the kids out front so they could play, and we sat and talked. OH we also laughed at whatever the guys were trying to do. Anyway, Kristen turned out to be a sweet hart, and the babies, well they are just amazing.

What i find amazing about the "babies" is the fact that they have remind me of the simple joys in life. Weather that is eating cookies and milk or playing bubbles in the front yard. Over the summer Kristen and I would meet at the beach and once again the babies showed me the simple joys of life, like covering your feet with sand, or watching the fish jump.

Kristen taught me that there some people who are just really good people and who want or expect nothing of you. These are the kind of people I NEED in my life. I am so blessed to be Mrs. Kelli, and to be able to spoil the babies, and I am even more blessed that their parents are now our friends.

Now I just wish they were not in the military. They should be moving this summer, so my time with all of them is limited.

So for now Carpe Diem!

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Paula said...

Nice friendship story and nice to see you posting again.

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