Tuesday, January 3, 2012

here I am

Here I am. I made it through another year. I took a break from blogging, and then I started video blogging about my health issues. Those can be found on my you tube channel. Then I stopped blogging all together.

Last year was full of learning, and changing my mind.

Lets start with learning. I learned that some people will walk out on you when you need them the most, but I also learned that other people will walk in when you need them the most.

I learned that I raised very strong girls who have turned into driven young women, and for that I am so thankful!

I learned, again, that life is about living, and I got back to it!

I learned that I do not have to agree with my mother, but she is still my mother no matter what.

Changes, well there have been many. While doctors want to do nothing about my breast tumor and cyst, I changed my mind set and got back to living a full life. One of the best things I did for myself was to get back into the ocean and start body surfing again! I now have to wear a wet suit to help keep sand out of my open sore, but hey at least I am back in the water.

I have changed my mind on my hair. I said that if I did have cancer that I was going to cut it off and donate it. Now I am waiting for it to hit 36 inches and then I will cut 10 inches off. I have never in my life had long hair and I am really enjoying it.

Chris and Nikki have changed locations, so I had to change from mom to long distance friend. Chris is now stationed at Cherry Point, and Nikki moved to Oklahoma with her boyfriend. Yes you read that right.

I am ready for this year. I have walked a long hard road the last few years, but that's o.k. I always tell my children to handle everything with grace and dignity because other people are watching, well I must have done the same thing because this year people have told me that they have been watching me. I am glad that I took the high road even when I did not want to.

My goal for this year is to get back to blogging. Not for me, but for my children. They know I blog, and I want them to have these blogs long after I am gone. I also want to try something new every month. I need to push myself to get out of my box and my comfort zone.

Life is good,


LIZ said...

Welcome back!!! I dont blog much either my goal is at least once a month

Linda's World said...

Hi there, I finally went thru my Blog list looking to see if I could find you. I guess most of us have moved to FB and been remiss in posting Blog entries~me included. It looks like there have been lots of changes in your life. Sometimes change is good & sometimes it isn't...only time can tell. I hope you're spring & summer have gone well. I treasure the squished penny you sent me from the Marine Base down there. Linda in Washington state

prince russell said...

its very nice writing i read ur writing and i loved it

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