Tuesday, November 17, 2009

all for the love of my boys

I am sure there is something I should be doing, but I think I have been silent enough.

In the past few weeks my world has been turned upside down. In the past two weeks I have shipped 7 boys off to war. A war that I do not agree with. A war that will forever change them. They may have left as men but I know they will come back as men. I know that my boy's are cold, missing their families and most of all a new reality is being forced upon them.

For me I am taking it one day at a time. Sometimes I am taking it one moment at a time. When I want to cry because I am missing my boys, I go cry on Rusty's shoulder, I remember the good times, and I tell myself that they are o.k. Even if I do not know if they are o.k.

Before Ben left we went over to see Deb and Popi. I know Ben. He was going to want to sit and speak Spanish, he was going to want that little comfort. We spent several hours with Deb and Popi, and before we left Deb and Popi wanted to pray over Ben. I told ben to call his mom and put it on speaker phone so his mom could hear us praying. Popi and Bens mom spoke for a while. I have no idea what was said because I do not speak Spanish. Then Popi prayed in Spanish, and when he was done Bens mom prayed over him. I did not understand what was being said, but I know that I felt the holy spirit move. Then Bens mom started crying. I said that I did not mean for her to cry. I just wanted Bens mom to be apart this. Deb assured me that she was crying happy tears. This lady was just so thankful that people were praying over her son.

Rusty and I had an anniversary. We went to the Birch aquarium, and then out to lunch. I gave Rusty a bottle gentlemen Jack and one of the kittens. Rusty does not know why, but he fell in love with this all black long haired kitten, so I am letting him keep him.

The kitten is in getting fixed today, and Rusty's day is crazy so I am going to go down to base pick up this kitten. I told Rusty that I would go in the morning, but he really wants his cat home tonight. Is Rusty a grown man or a child?

I had to go back to Ryan's school and raise some hell today. I swear that Ryans teacher is brain dead.

At Christmas we always let the children pick out their own ornaments. Every year since the children were born they had gotten a new ornament, and we now have to many to hang on one tree, so they have to choose. However that would leave Chris out of the loop. So while we at the aquarium I saw the huge glass sea horse ornament. It was perfect. Chris is a beach and ocean person just like me.

When we got home I pulled Chris aside and told him that I did not want him to feel left out, so..... and I handed him the ordnament. He about cried.

Well I need to get on the road. Rusty's kitten is waiting on me.


Gerry said...

I am glad you are saying these things and doing these things for the boys going to war, because it is a very heavy burden when some will lose their lives and some will be wounded. And I don't think there is enough appreciation of what is going on. The families of those who go and their friends like you feel the pain, but I wonder how many others do.
When a man loves a cat I say it is a good thing and I am glad that you agree, as for the Xnms tree ornament, I have got to see that tree. I am taking photos now of Xmas decorations in private apartments. It's fun. Gerry

Paula said...

Awwww Kelli you are up to your kinds ways I see. Nice to see you post again.

Rose said...

your post reminds me of why I have a journal...a place to just be me and speak my soul... thanks

That corgi :) said...

((((Kelli))) that was nice to pray over the boys. got to just trust in God. happy belated anniversary! you are sweet to have gone to get the kitty for Rusty.


Lori said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Rusty!!!
I am so sorry you had to send some more of your boys off to war. They are fortunate to have you though. I think it's wonderful that Rusty fell in love with one of the foster kittens. Glad he'll have a forever home with you guys.

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