Friday, January 22, 2010

a dog needs to run

Yesterday I actually got video of my bog,, Butter, sitting and the sofa and crying. He was sitting there looking out the window, and the wind was blowing his deflated basketball's around. This poor baby really needs to get out and run. He is getting cabin fever worse then any animal I know. Now don't get me wrong, he has been going out, but Ryan has not been able to run him.

Rusty is on his way home, and he said that everything went well with the top security stuff, so we find out one day next week if he gets the job. Oh pray that he does.

I want to strangle out Chrises recruiter. This guy made all the wanna be marines strip down to shorts and t shirts and go outside and pt for a few hours. Before Chris left I told him that if the weather was bad to just come home, but did he? NO. He said the recruiter told him that he had to stay. Well great. Now the boy is getting sick and he has no medical insurance. Am I allowed to smack the recruiter?

Last night I finished a quilt for one of the marines and I also got a baby blanket done. I do have to do the hand stitching on the baby blanket, but I am saving that so I can do it while I am watching tv. I only have one more quilt to get done before the marine deploys and then I will be all caught up. I started cutting material for another quilt in hopes that maybe I can get ahead of the game.

I am going to do as little as possible this weekend. We do have to go up to the commissary, but other then that I am going to do nothing. I was thinking that maybe if we got a break in the weather, that I might go down to the lake and pick up all the trash. I am sure the wind as deposited a lot of trash there. I would also like to maybe pull some big weeds that we have in the back yard. After all the ground is so we they should just come right up.

Well I better go fold all our laundry, and maybe curl up and just chill for a while. Since it is Friday, and I don't cook on Fridays, I am pretty much done for the day. No my family is not starving today, they can either heat up leftovers, or go buy something! LOL


Gerry said...

Oh I was hoping to see Butter crying to go outside in the video! I will bet. Active dogs go crazy if they can't run and thoroughbreds, too.

Paula said...

Awww Kelli wish I was there I would help you pick up trash and pull up weeds too. You're my kinda gal.

That corgi :) said...

poor Butter!! hoping he gets a run in this weekend; I understand cabin fever, Koda's been mopey too but we were able to take him for a long walk tonight

poor Chris!!! you know Stater Brothers gives away free antibiotics (with a doctor's prescription) so if Chris is sick and needs to go to an urgent care and needs meds, at least he can get those free; seems like the recruiter could have been a bit more judicious about choosing a better time for them to do such an activity

hoping you have a restful weekend


Martha@Menagerie said...

Hey, it was so good to see you over at my blog! I have been so short on time these days that I tend to be in comment back mode and rarely have time to just make my rounds to visit. Sounds like all is well with you. Hope you're holidays were wonderful and hope this will be a great year for you and your family. Thanks so much for stopping by :-)

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