Saturday, January 23, 2010

I am sitting in the house that love built.

Yep. That's him. That is my Rusty. Rusty is the man I was meant to marry and he is and always will be the love of my life.
Today was nothing special. Rusty and I went to the commissary. It is not something that Rusty enjoys, but he enjoys being with me. It was pointed out to me that Rusty and I are becoming that cute old couple that you always see.
Tonight Rusty grilled, and he made my favorite type of sausage. Then while I was finishing the mac n cheese he turned on the t.v. to the music station and they were playing some really good old school country.
I was just standing in the kitchen when a tear ran down my face. A song came on that reminded me of my dad. Who was there to catch that tear? Rusty just hugged me and he reminded me that he missed his dad as well. I guess that is something else we have in common. We both miss our dads.
Rusty is teaching Chris and his friends how to play poker. We have only been his parents for a little over a year, and here we are hanging out with his friends and teaching them how to play poker. One of Chris friends brought is guitar over he has been jamming out between hands.
Today we took my ever faithful Butter to petco and then to Starbucks. I am so amazed at how far he is coming. One day soon I will be able to go take the test to have him trained as a therapy dog. I am going to change peoples views of pit bulls.
If I could save time in a bottle I would save today. I am sitting in a house that was built on love, and that is filled with love and laughter.


Joann said...

Beautiful entry, today!! Funny, because my post today was about remembering MY dad through country music, as well.

That corgi :) said...

sounds like it was a delightful day, Kelli. I think it will always be that we will miss those that we love that have passed away, but good that Rusty was there to comfort you and you to comfort him


Linda's World said...

Yes Kelli, you've got to check out Joann's entry. It brought back a lot of old memories to me. How nice you had a nice day just hanging out with your Prince Charming. Linda in Washington

LYN said...



Traci said...

Wonderful my friend! Just wonderful!

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