Monday, January 18, 2010

let it rain

Well it is raining here in the socal. We don't really get a lot of rain so when the rains do come it all just runs off. I would love to go to the lake and watch all the water flow into it, but the weather is just to bad. The wind is just whipping. It has already blown over my swing and I think we are going to loose a tree. This weather is suppose to last all week. So I am just hunkering down and riding the storms out.

Amber went to Vegas last week, well she was gone from Thursday to Sunday. She had a good time and she got to meet one of the guys I grew up with. This is the same guy that Nikki got to meet last summer. Amber was just so set on meeting him because Nikki and I spoke very highly of him. Amber is finally getting out of her box and trying new things and I am so proud of her for that.

Well, a few entries ago I talk about one of the marines mom's that called me. Well Sharon, the mom, called to tell us that the red cross massage was sent. I have not talked to the marine, but his mom says that he is holding up and that one of the marines Ssgt has taken him under his week.

Sharon called me today, and she just wanted to talk. I so understand that. Sometimes you just need to talk to people that are not involved in the situation. Sharon also said that all of the relatives are crawling out of the wood work, and trying to see what they can get. I so understand that one as well. I have to wonder why you go to a funeral and it turns into a family reunion.

I will be calling Sharon all week long, just so I can see how she is doing. The wake is tomorrow and then the funeral is Wednesday. I am just glad that I can be her rock and yet still make her laugh when she wants to cry.

I have a ton of house work planned for this week. I did that on purpose since I know I will be stuck inside all week. One of the major things I want to get done, is sort through my quilt tops and my material. I need to put them in separate crates, so it will be easier to see what I do and don't have.

Today I cooked dinner for the rest of the week. I know I am strange, but it just easier for me. Tonight we are having manwich and chicken Alfredo. I cooked up the meat for the chili and for the spaghetti. Then on spaghetti night I will make extra sauce for pizza night. I have found that if I take a little bit of extra time and cook and dice, and get stuff prepped, then cooking dinner goes much more smoothly. I will be using my crock pot a lot this week.

Well I need to go get in the shower before all the guys get home. I just hope that Rusty takes it slow. I am tempted to call Amber and see if she is o.k., but I can't. One of the marines picked Amber up and they went mudding, so I am just hoping they are o.k. Nikki and one of her girlfriends went to the movies, but the other girls mom drove, so I feel safe with that.

Man this weather is nasty.


Lori said...

I hope those winds let up soon. It's good that you can be there for that mom when she needs to talk. It must be a very hard time for her. Good luck with all your cleaning this week. I hope you get everything accomplished that you've set out to do.

Linda's World said...

You folks are getting typical western Washington state weather. Bob left for Pasadena this morning to help his daughter & son in law move. He figured he'd be driving in rain all the way down I-5. And the last few days here have been sunny and nice. He hated to leave our nice weather. But duty calls. Stay dry....Linda in WA

Gerry said...

I keep thinking of your video with the rain really coming down but thought of you this morning when the paper said another big storm is headed for southern CA and this time they fear there will be mud slides. I hope not. I have lived there when the rain just would not quit. Mother Nature has trouble filling orders for rain without overdoing it! And why why such a disasterous earthquake we can't really blame on people?

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