Sunday, December 6, 2009

really now?

Let me start by saying that I had the privilege and the honor of entertaining two young men that just go back from Afghanistan. These boys were so happy to have a home cooked meal and a beer.
One of the marines Amber and Nikki have known most of their lives. It is strange how a child they would play with every summer, a child who lives in Chicago would now be a marine living just two hours from us. It really is a small world.
My children are on my last nerve. I am thinking about lowering my expatiation's. Maybe then I would not be disappointed.
Amber bitched at me because I would not drive to 29 palms when she thought I should. She is mad at me because she had to work and could not spend that much time with JT. Amber is still mad that I am not in the mood for Christmas.Last time I checked it was not her that was driving 4 hours, and paying for the gas. It is not my problem that she has to work. That is called life. As for Christmas I just told her "You know I use to love Christmas and I use to decorate the whole house. You guys bitched and said it was to much and that all of our stuff was ugly. Now I give the opportunity to decorate for Christmas and you still bitch." Amber shut up and walked away. No decorating has gotten done.
Chris is just not listening to anything. I know this is typical shit, but I am so sick of it. Today when he got up I asked him to please do a few things for me. I asked him to put the spare tire and the jack back. I asked him to load all the stuff that was going to the good will, and to go to the store for me. Thats it. That is all I wanted and yet none of it got done. O.K. let me get this straight. I just paid for a new tire to be put on the car. I pay for the insurance, and I give him free liberty with the car, yet he can't do a few simple things.
Nikki does not know which end is up. She thinks everyone is to blame for her problems. I am still trying to figure out I am responsible for her failing chemistry. I am still trying to figure out how it is my problem that she has to spend all of her money on fast food. I cook every night, but it is not good enough for her.
Ryan can't figure out that it is cold, so I have to inspect him every morning. He does not have common sense to put on long sleeves and a jacket. I swear if that boys asked me to let make another ginger bread house I am going to scream. We made them last year, and he just watched as everyone else made theirs.
I still miss my boys, and the children don't get that. Last night I listened to JT and his friend talk about the horrors of war, and my mind went straight to all my boys. I know that my boys are cold, hungry, and unsafe, yet I don't think the children understand this.
Well, I got the kitchen cleaned up. I am sure I will be expected to cook dinner.
I got the carpets cleaned in the living room. I guess I am going to put presents under an undecorated tree.
I guess I am going to go to the store and get the stuff I need. This will please Rusty since I will have to move his seat and steering wheel.... you know since Chris has my car and he still has not done what I asked.
I swear life with four teens is just so much fun.

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Paula said...

Are you dreaming up empty nest syndrome? Hope things will be better tomorrow. Shame on Chris. You've done so much for him.

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