Thursday, December 10, 2009

sometimes life just happens.

Monday I was suppose to take one of the marines back to 29 palms. I got up and got some stuff done around here, and then we headed for the gas station. The marine asked if he could buy me gas, so I said sure. A few moments later I looked at him and asked what he was doing? He was putting diesel in a gas car. I called Rusty and he told me to drive straight home and park the car. That is what I did.

We waited for Amber to get home and then we took her car. It was a good thing we waited to go up to 29 palms. If we had left when we originally wanted to we would have been driving through the eye of a massive storm. It was also good that we waited because we got to have a snowball fight in the desert. Now how many people can say that?

Yesterday Chris decided that he was going to drain my gas tank. UMMM O.K. so he gets busy and he comes in and asks me if we had anything he could dump the diesel into. No I am trying to think without sounding like I am stupid. I guess a gas can is to big to fir under the car.

So I go out to the garage and I take a look around. I called Rusty and I said " I have a stupid question for you. Will diesel melt plastic?" Rusty just said "Well I don't know but you can try it and if the plastic tub melts then you know it does."

So Chris gets all of that done, and he says that he is going to walk up to the gas station and get more gas. I got dressed and walked him. It was not a bad walk, maybe two miles of so. We also had to get a new fuel filter, so it was a good thing that there was an auto zone across the street from the gas station.

It was nice to just walk and talk to Chris. He thought it sucked that we could not drive there, but I told him that it did not bother me, because I use to walk everywhere. We were a one car family until about 8 years ago.

Chris finally got everything back on the car and he showed me the old fuel filter, and man it was gross. It was a good thing we went and changed it. The more I think about it the more I realize that the diesel being in by accident was a very good thing for us.

You know what else is kinda funny? Rusty and I. When I called Rusty to tell him that I was leaving for 29 palms he said "O.K. baby. Be safe and stay on the main roads." I actually listened to Rusty. Sometimes I don't always do that, but this time I did and it was a good thing I did, because I later found out that the back roads were all flooded out.

The other day Ryan came walking and he looked like something off the nerds movie. I just shook my head. Two months ago Amber and I cleaned out Ryan's clothes and now he has grown again! I swear I can't keep up with him. Think Kelli think. So I called one of girlfriends son's and asked him for all his "old" stuff. He brought over some really nice stuff for Ryan. The thing with Ryan is, is he is just so damn skinny! So is my girlfriends son, so he hooked Ryan up and showed him how to cover up the fact that his jeans bag, even with a belt on. So I guess it all worked out in the long run.

Today I am trying to air the house out and get some laundry done, because we are suppose to get another massive storm moving in tonight. I don't mind the storms as long as I don't have to go out in them. I think tomorrow will be a good day to just hunker down and do some sewing.


Paula said...

You do that girl, just hunker down. Don't ya just love that word?

That corgi :) said...

certainly a godsend that you weren't driving in the midst of the storm; good for Chris for trying to want to fix the car and then succeeding

it will be good to get more rain know that the other storm dried out

(I think we are going to lose our house guest soon; I think she's going back to mom's since she quit her job here and Mr. Cadillac is ready to potentially break up with her; definitely an answer to prayer :)


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