Thursday, September 3, 2009

Change is good

Yesterday Amber and I were chatting. We are going to assume that she did not get the job that she interviewed for. Amber said that she is o.k. with that and now she has changed her mind about getting a job.

Amber said that she is going to stop looking for a regular job and she is now looking for odd jobs. She did find one job as a mom's helper and it is only two days a month, but that will cover her bills. So now she is looking for so more odd jobs. She said that she wants to travel more this year and a regular job will not allow her to do it.

One of the places that Amber wants to go is to Virginia, and she will be gone over Thanksgiving and she will be visiting a sailor that we know. I think this is going beyond friends, but he is a good guy, so I am not going to complain. Amber found a ticket for $150, so now I am on the move to help her find enough odd jobs to pay for this ticket. I know we can do it.

I have started following the flylady again, and my home is so much nicer to be in. If you have not seen or been around the flylady you have to look her up. I have been decluttering, and deep cleaning and let me tell you it is so nice. I have these antique lamps that are just huge and nice, but each of them has tube globes, so that is eight globes in all. This week, I took all of those globes off and cleaned them real good. They just look so much better and I am so glad that I did them. I almost forgot how nice they looked.

Well I need to get busy and get pet quilt done for the day. I can't wait to walk in and give them a stack of quilts! They will be so shocked at how many quilts I will be bringing in. Oh I almost forgot I got three new babies in last night. They are not bottle feeders, but they are still small, and just as cute as could be.

Life is good.


Paula said...

You always find the cutest graphics. Love the giraffe

Linda's World said...

I love the giraffe graphic. Sometimes a person can make more money at odd jobs than working part time at one job. So I wish Amber well...and I think she's made a good decision. Besides she should travel when she's single and free to do so. My niece has been all over the world, she'll be 29 the end of this month and is finally thinking about settling down and looking for that right guy to spend her life with. Linda in Washington

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