Tuesday, September 1, 2009

not today

Well I have everything I need staged by the front door. My trusty backpack is loaded down with all my beach stuff. The cat crate is out because my foster babies are going back today, and I have a stacks of quilts waiting to go to the shelter.
As a child growing up in the Midwest I would have never guessed that I would be checking the surf report, but I did today. There is a category 4 storm just6 over the boarder, so our waves are massive! I can't wait to get in them. I think I am going to ask for wet suit for Christmas, so that way I can body surf in the winter.
I have been trying to digest this whole ordeal with my and gcc coming out. I was going to call my mom nest weekend and ask her some questions and lay down the law on this whole eating thing. Well, I waited to long. I got an e mail this morning from my mom and she has booked the tickets and their was a little note that said gcc is so excited because it was her idea. Wait a second I was under the impression that it was my moms idea.
Amber had a melt down yesterday. I sometimes wonder if she is my child, but she looks the most like me. Anyway she melted down because she needs new tires, new windshield wipers, she needs a job, and the radio in her car does not, and she dropped her sisters ipod in the toilet. Why an I not shocked, she drops everything in the toilet. She tried crying on my shoulder and told her that she better not be leaving buggers on my shirt.
I just could not stop laughing at her. I know she needs new tires. She will get them. Who cares if your windshield wipers don't work. We are not going to be having any rain anytime soon. Who cares if your radio does not work all I get are Spanish stations. I am still wondering about her. She so did not get my easy going spirit.
Well, I will worry about all of this later, right now I need to go load everything so I can head to the beach.
Life is good.


Paula said...

Have fun Kelli. I haven't been to the beach in several years.

Missie said...

I hope you take some pictures of those massive waves!!

Traci said...

Poor Amber! I feel her pain! Missie, you weren't paying attention! Her camera is toast. Or actually too wet to be toast! Right?!

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