Monday, September 14, 2009

It is working

So I have been trying to tone up a little so I can look good in that little red dress, well it is working. Last night I was sitting in bed rubbing lotion all over my body when I noticed that my arms had some shape to them! I got out of bed and went to the mirror. Yep, I finally have some shape. All I have been doing is eating less and swimming more. When I go to the lake I not only swim, but I also do some water aerobics, and it is finally paying off.

Yesterday Chris and I went back to Dana Point and played on the beach. I swore that I was not going to get wet, but that lasted all of 10 minutes before the waves called me in. Then we hit a few other beaches. I can't believe that we spent close to eight hours just playing on the beach.

By the time I got home last night my feet hurt. Note to self: buy some water shoes. I am just so happy to be getting out of the house more and doing what I love to do.

Yesterday my mom and I got into it about her coming out. I finally laid down the law about gcc and she was not happy. She also was not happy that I was not going to cook Christmas dinner and that I wanted to go surfing instead. Whatever you said you wanted to take the children to Disney, so if I want to go surf then I will.

This morning Amber confronted me and asked me if they were coming out. I said yes. Amber is so not happy. She said she does not mind if my mother comes out, but she does not to be around gcc. I guess Amber and gcc got into it a lot while Amber was out there this summer. HMMMM told you so. Amber said that she did not want to go to Disney.

I guess my mom does not get it. We live here, so we really don't care about all the tourist stuff. Oh well that is life.

I could not sleep last night, so I was up until about 2 a.m. which meant I did not get up until 10 this morning. It felt good to get some sleep, but I thought I would be way behind on my house work. I got most of it done and dinner is in the crock pot, so I must have kicked ass. Now the question is what should I do now?

It is kinda overcast today and rather cool for southern California. While it is nice I am so not ready for summer to be over. Maybe I will go swimming anyway. Who knows.

Life is good.


Gerry said...

I am not able to go to the beach and play in the waves, so next best thing is for you to go to the beach and do it. I sometimes felt like people should be ORDERED to go into this big pool of ours. It is unbelievable how many people who need it will avoid going in a pool right at their feet practically. As for going to the ocean and playing for 8 hours, that is way out of sight. Love the photos you take, too, of the beach best of all.

Paula said...

Have fun, do it all while you can.

moshell's lilbit of space said...

saw this on another blog and wanted to send you the link for an eco-friday.

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