Wednesday, September 9, 2009

no I will not come over

Life has not been to eventful around here and I guess that is a good thing.
Yesterday Ryan came home and announced that he is joining cross country. I am not sure why this kid likes to run, but he does. i am so happy for him, and he was so excited that he told everyone that walked in the door. Good for him! I want him to find something that he likes other then video games. This weekend Rusty is going to take him out to get him a good pair of running shoes.
I am still following the flylady. This week we are in the kitchen. I clean the kitchen up everyday, but this week I am deep cleaning it. The way our kitchen is set up our fridge faces our island, so that was my goal today. One day last week Amber cleaned the inside of the fridge, so today I cleaned the outside. The top of the fridge was just gross. I want to know why tall people find it necessary to put stuff up there. I threw it all away. I figured if it had an inch of dust on it then they were not missing it.
Then I took off the bottom thing and got that cleaned. I also cleaned under the fridge the best I could. That was also gross, but it the coils so needed to be cleaned off. Then I got out the toothbrush and cleaned around the fridge and the island. I think it looks awesome but I know that no one will come in and inspect the under side of my fridge.
Rusty and Leeroy got my new fuel pump put in last night. It will be nice to have the grocery getter back. Those poor guys did not get done until midnight. That right there is love. Rusty worked all day ate dinner then came home and worked all night just so I could have the car running again.
Last week I started to detox my liver when I got my cycle. Great just what I need on a long weekend. I was cramping really bad, so I went to the bathroom and there it was, another tumor had come out. I wish I had the money to have another scan done and find out how many tumors I have left. All I do know is that what I am doing is working, and to me that is great, so I will keep doing it. I can handle some pain if my body is healing itself.... with some help from herbs.
I am still on track with my goal of 30 pet quilts by the end of the month. I am actually having a lot of fun with it. I am trying new patterns, and if they don't turn out well, the pets don't care. One the days that I was not feeling all that hot I sat there digging through my material bin, and I can across four flannel pillow cases. I just sewed two of them together and did a little fancy stitching on them and they turned out nice.
Today I so want to get to the lake and get some swim time in. It has finally cooled off around here, but I just can't stay away from the water. Now when I say cooled off, I mean it has been down to the mid 80's, which is very cool for us. My electric bill is going to thank me for this.
This weekend is the tall ship festival and I can't wait to spend some time with hubby and the children. I love going on adventures with everyone. I will have to borrow a camera and take lots of pictures!
Well, I need to go eat something and then finish getting my day started.
Life is good.


Barbara said...

i am glad to hear that the herbs are working for you.

The tall ships would be fun to see. i hope you had a great time and was able to take a lot of pictures.

A Bishops Wife said...

I would love to see the "TALL SHIP" festival. A lot of cool stuff in California.

I am hungry for STEAK-N-SHAKE 5-way chili and pasta. I really need some mmmmm .

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