Monday, August 31, 2009

almost done

I am almost done with a lot of things. One of the things that is almost done is summer. I have to say that this breaks my heart. So I am going to try to get as many beach days in as I can. I hear from other people that it is cold where there are. Our temps are still hotter then all get out, so I guess I could have more beach days but with the children all in school it is getting a little harder.
I am almost done with a total decluttering of my home. I started following the flylady again and she has really helped me get my bum into gear. Last week I finally cleaned out our walk in closet that we could not walk into. Today I cleaned out our living room. I have no idea how we got some many dvd's. We are not even t.v. people! So I boxed them up and some of our old board game. They are now in a new home. It feels so good to be almost done decluttering.
I am always on the look out for cheap things to do with the children. I found out that there is going to be a tall ship festival. so I showed Rusty the web page and he said "yes, we should take the children." I think it will be cool. I have never been on a tall three mast, wooden ship. Then we got to looking even more and it turns out that we can go have dinner on the ship and they be a part of a canon battle, all while floating in the ocean at sunset. Rusty said that he really wanted to do this with the children. O.K. I can do simple math, $30 x 6. So I asked all the children if the wanted to go. If they did not want to go then I was not going to waste the money.
Chris said that he would pay for his ticket. I did not like that idea, and Rusty said to let him do it. We end having a very loud discussion about weather or not he should pay for his own ticket. Rusty's point was that he now has a job and he wants to contribute and pay some of his own way. My point is that I told him I would treat him like one of our own children. After thinking about for a few day's I realized that this was not a battle worth winning. I called Rusty and Chris outside. I told Chris that if he wanted to buy his own ticket that was fine as long as he understood that we would buy for him.
Well, I need to go knock down some webs that are hanging around, and then they rest of the day is mine! I am going to do some sewing and I do have a few phone calls to make.
Life is so good.


dragonflydreamer said...

I am so grateful to have found your blog through Mary's blog. Like everyone else, things have been rough for awhile due to the economy. My two little boys becoming men...all have led to depression and not knowing what to do with myself. Standing in the card store looking for a graduation card has been a baby step in climbing out of the darkness. You are such an awesome woman and your blog inspires me to get outside of myself and do for others and it really has begun helping. I never realized how lonely an empty nest would be or how lost it might make me feel. Thank you for allowing me to be even a small part of something happy and hopeful.

xo Susi xo

a corgi said...

is that tall ship thingy over in Dana Point?? You guys will love it if it is; we went a few years ago but we didn't do the dinner, that sounded fun! we did watch the battle though from one of the hills overlooking Dana Point.


Inge' said...

I am so proud of you for the doing the whole de-cluttering thing! I am also almost done!.

The ship thing sounds really cool. I have never done anything like that only battleships near me. I think it is a good thing that Chris wants to help by buying his own ticket. This is also a step towards becoming an independent person. I understand your point but if he wants to pay his own way, let him! It will make him feel more like a man and free up 30 bucks for you to buy him a cool souvenir from your family outing! Have fun!

Gerry said...

I have always wanted to sail the seven seas in a wooden ship with sails, so I am excited about your trip. I want to go on the Queen Mary in the Long Beach harbor. Pam got to go. She is the only one I know who has been on a tour of the Queen Mary. By the way where is Pam? Anyway, have fun. Gerry

Traci said...

I can't wait to hear about the tall ships. We saw some back in '76. I sound old huh?! LOL I was 10. It was so cool. Good for Chris for wanting to help. Good for you for wanting to treat him like your son!

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