Friday, August 28, 2009

you should have been there

People that around me a lot know two very important things about me. One is I am allergic to bee stings and the second is allergic to penicillin.

Now on with the entry. The beach was amazing yesterday! We had some really big waves and I just there watching the surfers and the waves. I guess there are a few storms out to see so that is why the waves were massive. I don't really care why the waves were massive, they just were just so awesome to look at.

So I was sitting on the shore, just letting the waves hit me and the sun bake my body. Then this really big wave came and started dragging me up onto the beach. I turned to yell at me girlfriend, but she could not hear me because she was listening to her ipod. I no sooner screamed her name that the wave took over our little piece of beach.

It was something out of a cartoon. The wave came in soaked us and everything we owned, and then disappeared into the ocean. I just laughed. What else could I do. I had to admit that everyone around us thought it was funny as well.

So we picked up all of our soaked stuff. My camera and cell phone, and my girlfriends ipod are now soaked with salt water. My girlfriend tries to rinse out some of our stuff, and I start taking apart all the electronics.

After we moved everything up to the pick nick table we decided that we both deserved a candy bar. My girl friend plops down in a beach chair and I pull up a dry piece of beach.

All of a sudden something is poking me and it hurts. I look under my arm and scream "mother fucker!" I had just gotten stung by the biggest bee I had ever seen. Quick load everything into the truck, I have to get some benadryl. We get the exchange and I get some benadryl .

By this point I can feel my air pipe getting tighter and tighter. So we sit at the exchange for a little bit to see if the benadryl kicks in. If not we had to high tail it to an aid station.

We were at the very north end of base and the navel hospital is a good thirty minutes away. So I figured I would just walk into an aid station and I knew the epi pen me even if I am not a marine.

Well the beidryl kicked in. My wind pipe was still tight, but it was not getting any tighter. Yes, I now have an epi pen, and yes I will start carrying it with me at all times.

We are going back to the beach next week and I can't wait!

I still have not tried to put my phone and camera back together yet. If they are dead then they are dead. No sence in worrying about something I can't change. I found a similar camera on ebay, so I can buy a new one next month. Nikki has a old cell phone that I can use.

Rusty actually said that he would like to buy me a black berry? What my hubby said that. Its all good.

Today I finished cleaning out my closet. Man we had a lot of crap in there! I think the more room you have, the more crap you store. Since the people across the street have a salvation army people coming today, I just added to their pile.

The people across the street put out some nice sofa's. So what do my ghetto children do? They wait for night fall and they go get their sofas and put ours out for the salvation army. I am so proud of them. I have taught them well.

Life is sooooo good


Paula said...

Cute things your kids do and useful too. Glad the bee sting didn't get you.

a corgi said...

sorry to hear about your bee sting! glad you got the EpiPen!!! beach sounded like quite the adventure!!!

A blackberry would be cool!

Mr. Cadillac was going to come over and drop some stuff off but was going to call you first, maybe I should have him call Amber to see if you are home??


Missie said...

I have lost many items in the ocean. Those darn waves!

I have a blackberry and love it. You should get one.

Have a good weekend.

Inge' said...

Sounds like me and your ghetto children would get along great!! My mom just laughs at me when I call and tell her what I picked up off the curb.

Glad your bee sting wasn't any worse. Good thing you now have an epi pen.

See you on FB!!!

LYN said...


Amanda said...

((((((((((((((((HUGSOYOU)))))))))))))))I am sorry you had a bee sting,hope it is feeling better.I ould love to haave a black berry,but,I dont have no use for one.Have a nice week.

Traci said...

Goodness! Very exciting trip to the beach!

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