Monday, August 17, 2009

you have to do better then that.

I am feeling a little better tonight. I had Amber take a video of my with some of the quilts. I can't figure out how Rusty got them to load, so I will have to work on that tomorrow.
Rusty, Chris and Jake are all off smoking cigars and telling stories. I so don't understand it. But a bunch of guys get together, burn meat, smoke a cigar and tell war stories. They say it is fun. I say "Well at least I don't have to cook dinner tonight."
One of the marines, Jake, is out of the marines and will be heading back to Or. tomorrow. I know he will be back, I am just not sure when. I am so going to miss him. I miss all of them, but I guess that is the cycle of life.
I called Ryans teacher today, that got me where. I will have to see if she calls me back tomorrow. I am hanging on by a thread with this child. I just don't know what to do any more. I am just so worn down. This momma sure could use a break.
Rusty and I are both sad that the Amber starts college tomorrow. To us that means our children are growing up and it also means that summer is ever. I refuse to think that we might be coming to the end of summer. I want to suck every last bit of sun out of the summer. I am such a summer person.
I am now dealing with my ex. Why? Why is he still screwing over my children. If I could find the rock that he is under I would crush the rock! Thats o.k. I will find my way past this because Rusty and I have always supported the girls and we will continue to do so.
I have been doing a lot of sewing. I am not sure why I am still spending a lot of time at the machine. All of the marines quilts are done. My shrink say's that sewing is a form of therapy. I just gave him the dear in the headlights look. He say's I sew when I am stressed because I am finding order in a world that has no order. Well I guess that does explain the last few weeks.
Well I do have a few things that I should be finishing up. Life is keeping me busy, but it is not the edge of the seat busy.


moshell's lilbit of space said...

my craziness just started again (school) and I was preparing to pick up my x-stitch again. Now I think it may still have to wait.

Paula said...

Like that cat in the tree picture at the top of your entry.

Tricia said...

I hope you can get some extra rest and feel better soon. I love the photo by the way.

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