Thursday, August 13, 2009

what I have been up to


It's Just Katie! said...

Oh how I love the life style of the rich and popular (this is exactly how I would live if I were rich and popular. How awesome to be able to spend such freeing/quality time with your boys. I loved this entry and your easy going attitude.
Take care of you and yours always,

a corgi said...

my computer is not loading the You-Tube videos, but I'm guessing you had a great time at the beach! so glad you got to go and spend some time there; I know you do enjoy it so!


Melissa said...

wow. that water looks so refreshing, glad u had fun

Linda's World said...

Looks like big fun!! Linda in Washington

Gerry said...

I enjoyed the videos but could not figure out how to turn off the music so I could hear what you said. That's a skinny bunch of people. Good for you. I know this running around is good for you. Gerry

Tricia said...

Cute videos. I wish the beach I live at looked like that one.

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