Tuesday, August 25, 2009

down, but so not out

The last few days I felt really bad and was in the bed. I can't live like this. So I would get up and do what I could, and then I would rest when I needed to. Today I feel great and I can't wait to take on the world.

I have gotten so much done today, and I still have more that I want to get done. I contribute all of my energy to going back on my diet. I just got lazy and I stopped taking all my supplements and I was eating fast food. I have so learned my lesson. If I treat my body like crap then I will feel like crap and I will end up in bed.

I am still working on getting Rusty to cut down on his meat in take. Yesterday I made a huge pot of potato soup. I usually add ham to it, and I did so yesterday, but I just added a lot less and I added more vegi instead. Rusty said it was awesome, and went back for seconds. Today I made chili for dinner and I added more beans then meat. I also made some fresh bread. YUM! I wonder when he is going pick up on the fact that I am cutting his meat consumption.

I talked to my mother yesterday and she wanted to run something past me. She wants to bring gcc out here for Christmas. She even offered to take all of us to Disneyland on Christmas day. I have given this a lot of thought and I am going to call my mom back this weekend and ask her some very hard questions.

My mom thinks that bringing gcc out here that it will help her since this will be the first Christmas with her mother. Well, one of my questions is will gcc live by my rules. That means eating what is put in front of you and not waiting until everyone goes to bed to get ice cream. Or will my mom give into her and go buy her fast food, which will cause a fight between my mother and I. Lets face it, if my children have to eat what is put in front of them and then they see gcc getting whatever she wants, is that really fair to my children.

Another question is I am hoping that my mom is not expecting us to be a happy little family at the happiest place on earth. We are more like the night mare on Christmas. Amber, Nikki, and Chris are not going to want to hang around gcc and Ryan. Rusty and I are not sure that we even want to go. Rusty and I can't ride the rides so what the heck are we suppose to do? I guess we could try to walk around and look happy and see a bunch of crap that we don't need and can't afford.

My last question is if she is bringing gcc child out here to forget about her mother being dead, is that really a good idea since I am still alive and my children still have a mother?

I am just seeing WWIII beginning. I really don't want that, so I will have to talk my mom and just lay out the cold hard facts.

Today I am going to try to get some pet quilts done. I said that I wanted to do one a day, but so far that has not happened. So I am going to just sit down today and try to get some done.

I am also thinking that I might go to the lake and go for a swim. The lake should be empty, so it will be almost like I am on a private beach. I so need an ocean day. I am thinking that I will hit the ocean one day next week, since I am going to take the kittens back. To me there is nothing better then being being sun kissed and covered in sand.

Life is good.


a corgi said...

sorry you haven't been feeling good, Kellie; hoping you start feeling better again now that you are back to healthier eating

DON'T go to Disneyland on Christmas. It could be different now with the economy so bad, but we went Christmas season a few years back and it is wall to wall people. I wouldn't think anyone would have fun in a situation like that

but I can see why your mom wants gcc to come and see you guys at Christmas. I think she's trying to break up the routine of what Christmas would be like at their house, except this year gcc's mom won't be there. I remember when we moved from family, we made sure we developed a few traditions of our own so we wouldn't be remembering too much of the family we were missing (make sense?) but Disneyland and Christmas Day does not sound like fun to me at all


Paula said...

Oh Kelli what a problem your Mom is laying on your shoulders. Hope she understands if you decide to do things the way you want and not her way.

Missie said...

I've heard that Disney at Christmas is a nightmare! Thanksgiving is pretty bad too.

You've got a dilemma for sure. I can understand her coming with gcc, but I also understand what you said about your kids still having a mom. Tough, tough one.

Have a good week.

diane d said...

Tough decisions. I've heard Dland on Christmas is a bear also.

I'm exactly the same way with the food. If I stop eating right my body revolts.

kanishk said...

It could be different now with the economy so bad, but we went Christmas season a few years back and it is wall to wall people. I wouldn't think anyone would have fun in a situation like that.
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Lori said...

I doubt a visit like that would go well for you, but if you decide to say yes, certainly lay down the ground rules.

Indigo said...

I realize gcc is still a kid. I'm just not in agreement that acting like you're in happy, neverland is the way to go about the first holiday of losing her mom. I don't know - maybe it's just me. Your mother has a weird way of going about things. I just have a feeling if she comes with the gcc your holidays are going to be stressed to the 9th. Just my humble opinion. (Hugs)Indigo

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