Monday, August 3, 2009

the last two

Well here they are. These are the last two quilts that I needed to get done before the boy's leave.
These two walked around with their quilts like they were two years old, and I smiled.
The one thing I hear a lot is that they have never received such a nice gift. Well now the have.
Last night I took some scrap material and made the cutest little blanket. I think I am going to make more of them and wrap wine bottles in them and hand them out as Christmas gifts. I also have material on the table for a quilt for me! I have had two of the cut, but I have never had time to work on them, so maybe before the year is over I get both of them done.
Today is Nikki's first working day in Vegas. I was told that this was a rough trip, but I know my Nikki can handle it. Nikki went to Vegas a few day's early and she will be spending a few extra days there. I guy I have known all my life is showing her a good time. I am glad, because it is like a mini vacation for her.
Amber is back and is about to suck the life out of me. Amber said "I am not going to be able to pay my phone bill or my insurance this month." I told her that she has three months worth of bills in her savings account and that she needed to use that money. Amber went and applied at hooters for a job.
I took some of the boys down to Point Loma and we went rock climbing. It was fun, and I was happy to just get out of the house for a while. I have to admit that we saw a one legged man out there rock climbing and he was kicking our ass! The tide was really high so we all got soaked, so it must have been a good day.
I spoke with my mom yesterday and she really liked her Christmas gift, so I am so happy about that. I just had no idea what to get her, so I guess adopting a bear was a good move on my part.
I sent one of the kittens back to the shelter yesterday. He was big enough to go get fixed and find a new home. I still have three babies, and they are just growing like weeds! Now is the fun stage, because they are all weened and potty trained, and they are just now really learning how to play.
Last week I ordered a new carpet cleaner from and it should be here today! I can't wait. My carpets look so bad, and I don't like that. So I will be spending the afternoon cleaning my carpets.
Well my day is calling me, so I better get to it.


a corgi said...

the Hooters closed here if Amber went down to the one on Madison. Its been closed for a few months. I saw that Best Buy on Madison had a sign "now hiring"

quilts look great! you did a fantastic job on them!

glad you enjoyed your time rock climbing in Point Loma :)


diane d said...

I got here by way of Queen's World.
Those blankets are beautiful!!!!!
I live in Riverside (born and raised in Corona). Where exactly is Point Loma? I don't think I've ever been there.

Paula said...

Nothing cuter then kittens playing. Nice of you to give them a good start in life.

Traci said...

Yeah for the quilts! Rock climbing sounds fun! Sounds like life is full as usual!

Small Footprints said...

Wow Kelli, these quilts are beautiful! I'm not sure if you intended this to be a "Repurseful Crafting" article but ... I think it qualifies ... so will be putting it in the Honor Society.

Lovely work!

Small Footprints

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