Thursday, July 30, 2009

cold or friction

I have been thinking about renting a cabin at Point Magu. Point Magu is very quickly becoming on of my favorite places to visit. It is up by the Channel islands and if you have never heard of the channel islands then you need to google it!
The last time we were up there I saw these cabins and I told Rusty that I would love to stay in one of those cabins. So I have been thinking about seeing how much they would coast. We have never gone anywhere or done anything for our anniversary. So I called around today I finally got a hold of the person that I needed to talk to about renting these darn cabins.
I don't know I was thinking this was going to be easy, but the lady said "Is your husband a chief?" What? Ummm I am not sure. He is a retired marine. That answer was not good enough for her.So I ask how much the cabins are to rent. They are only $50 a night. O.K. that is doable.
So I text Rusty and I say "If you were in the Navy would you be a chief?" Rusty did not answer me, he just called. So I told him what I was thinking about doing. Rusty said "So you want to go freeze our asses off on the beach in November." With out missing a beat, I said "No baby I want to make so much friction that we burn the damn cabin down"
I am going to go jump in the shower, and get ready to take Nikki to the airport. She is off on yet another adventure. Is it wrong to live through your children?


a corgi said...

hey, I know that skim board! you never know, November can have some nice weather........sounds like fun! I'd go though earlier and count it as your anniversary trip!

safe travels to Nikki :)


natalie said...

Dear Kelly, awww you are such an awesome mom! And such a great wife!
don't be silly! We are all inspired by your blog daily! Keep it up! How are your quilts? I made a new baby quilt the other day..
please come and visit my blog too hen you're free and leave some comments love,natalie

Martha said...

I bet that shut him up in a hurry! ;-)
It's ok to live through our children as long as we have raised them right and we are living through their dreams and not the other way around.
Have a great week!

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