Thursday, July 23, 2009

eco friendly Friday early

I have had a very busy week, but even with my crazy schedule this week I tried very hard to reduce and reuse. The I was hit with another challenge for this week. Smaller footprint challenged us to go through the house and give away anything we don't use. I said give away, not throw away.
I was starting to do this anyway, but I grabbed a box and headed for the kitchen. I pulled everything out of my cabinets and I looked at it. If I have not used it or touched it in the year we have lived here, then it was out of here. I have to admit that this was a little hard for me since I collect antique Pyrex.
But I did it. I kept all my antique stuff, but other then that I cleaned everything out. I was shocked at how much I was actually getting rid of, and how much I was throwing into the recycling.
I took my box and placed it on the front porch and wrote kitchen stuff on it. Then I placed an ad on freecycle and craigslist and the box was gone in no time flat. It made me feel good to clean out, and that someone else got some use out of my old stuff. So I challenge everyone to do a little cleaning out and passing on.
Here is what I did this week.
1. I cleaned out the kitchen cabinets.
2. I used old soda bottles were used to hold all of the children Gatorade.
3. Spaghetti sauce was stored in plastic coffee cans.
4. Produce box was used to haul produce in, the to haul more stuff home, and now it sitting here and waiting to be reused.
5.hug up all my laundry
6. empty Gatorade canisters will be refilled with homemade dishwasher soap, and the scoop from the Gatorade is the perfect measure for the soap.
Please tell me what little steps you have taken, and please let me know what you have cleaned out!


Pamela said...

No cleaning here. I have been working. I did donate a bunch of clothes to the poor. That's about it. Sounds like you are on a roll! Keep up the good work!

Rhapsody B. said...


I can't say that i take any steps because i always reuse, reduce and recycle. Its the way I live, in fact it is the way I was brought up. I was born in the Islands, we don't throw away anything. What we cannot use, we find someone who can. When we harvest, bake etc., we share with the neighbours. Our children's clothes once they grow out of it is passed along to a friend, a neighbour, someone in need. Nothing goes to waste.

Have a good weekend.

LIZ said...

I cleaned but only because I was forced to with this move. I have a couple boxes of things that I am going to give away for others to use and the rest was junk so I just threw it away.

Have a great weekend...Liz

Traci said...

That is actually on my list of things to do this week. My kitchen has been driving me crazy and I need to get it organized. I have a bunch of wasted space. Wasted on things I never use anymore. They are leaving!

Gerry said...

I have been throwing some clothes in a pile for the next play it forward day. I think you are right. If it does not get used in a year one might think of passing it on. I just mailed a book today. You have reminded me to get busy and package up some more to send on! Gerry

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