Friday, July 10, 2009

Cambodian firurines

Last night I was talking with a dear friend that I don't get see but maybe a few times every 10 years! Jen, my friend lives back in Il. and we just can't seem to get together very often. But we talk on the phone and e mail and life is good.
Last night we were talking and I asked her what she wanted of mine, when I die. Without missing a beat she said "I want your Cambodian figurines." I told her only if she will leaves them to another bitch.
Lets rewind about 30 years. My late mother in law was taking care of her dieing mother when she found out that her youngest sister was to get everything when their mother passed.
My mother in law said well two can play this game. So my mother in law spent every penny that her mother had. Now the money was spent on taking care of their mother, but either way, the money was gone.
My mother in law also wanted these Cambodian figurines that her father had owned. So she took all of them and placed them in her government storage unit.
After 20 some years my in laws move back to the states and these figurines are unpacked. My mother in law showed them to me, and to be very honest I think the are UGLY! However my mother in law said "When I die please take these figurines and don't let my sisters have them. I took them from my mother and they belonged to my father, and both of my sisters wanted them."
When my mother in law died we started cleaning out her stuff. I kept looking for these figurines and I could not find them. I had to find them because her sisters were going to be in town the next day. Rusty could not understand why I was searching for these things. Then I found them.
So we get back to our house and set up these brass things and they are just UGLY. I laughed and told Rusty the story behind them. All Rusty could say was that it did sound like something his mother would do.
The next day we tell the sisters to go through everything and take what they want. The sisters kept searching, I kept laughing.... to myself, and Rusty just shook his head. The sisters left, and they left not knowing that I had the figurines.
I told this story to Jen when she was out here last. My mother in law taught me how to be a bitch in a way that would leave people wondering. So since Jen wants the damn Cambodian figurines she can have them! I did say that she must pass down the story and make sure that they go to another bitch.


a corgi said...

now we have to see a picture of them; interesting story; makes you wonder if there is something in the figurines, like hidden treasure; perhaps break one of them?

have a good weekend :)


Paula said...

Hee hee liked this story.

Missie said...

Have a good weekend.

Traci said...

Oh whoops I posted that comment on the wrong entry! LOL

Gerry said...

I wondered what the story was on these Cambodian figures but could not get over here until today. Isn't that just like people to think that something is very valuable if it is presented that way when it or they re really ugly as hell. I wonder how high the Antique Roadshow would price them? Gerry

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