Tuesday, July 21, 2009


There is a line in a song that says "God gave us mountains so we can learn to climb." Well I better go get on my climbing gear!
Last night one of the kittens was acting very funny, so I took her to the vet. It turns out that she is going blind. The kitten can see a little, so we are going to take it one day at a time. I have never really worked with special needs cat's, so I guess this will be a huge learning curve for me.
Nikki is on a local mission trip. They are camping about 1 mile away, and they are right on the lake! There are a lot of homeless people in that area, so the team is out there helping them, and setting a mini day camp for all the homeless children. My job is to keep everyone filled with Gatorade. So twice a day I go up there and pick up all the empties and then come home and make a ton of Gatorade.
My other job, is to cook spaghetti fr 30 people. My girlfriend Becky will be in town, so I told her what I had to do. Becky is game for helping. She said "I have never cooked for a missionary before, so now I can check it off my list." I want to do more then just spaghetti. I am hoping to maybe be able to buy some fresh fruit, and maybe get some cookies, or a cake, or something. We will have to see how this whole things works out.
This Thursday I get to sit through a day of pre deployment briefs. How do I get myself into these things? Well, Brett is Becky's son, and Becky is going, but Brett's friend Steve does not have any family out this way, so he asked me to be his mom, so Becky and I could go together. When Rusty found out that I was going he just shook his head and said "Please play nice with the other marines. I know that you could give a class on making it through a deployment but please do not laugh to loud at the people speaking." O.K. so Rusty knows me very well. I gave my word that I would be nice and play well with the other marines. However I did not give my word, that I would not push the limits on my clothing.
My three choices for this event were : 1950's house wife, middle eastern, or hippy. Everyone has voted for hippy. So I guess I need to go get out my hippy stuff. O.K. that won't be hard, since that is all I wear any way. I wonder if my bong fell out of my purse..... would that be pushing the limits to far? LOL
Since the children are all gone I have been enjoying my naked time. I so love being naked. We are so saving on the electric bill because you don't get that hot when you have nothing on. So yesterday some asshole came to the door. I look through the peep hole and it is a cop. So once I find something to put on, and I get the dogs to stop barking, I ask him if I could help him with anything. He was looking for someone that I had never heard of before. I got dressed for that? Then the cop says "Is there any reason you have all that tactical gear?" What? oh! he looked in one of the windows and saw Rusty's old gear. All I said was "My husband is a retired marine." Man I glad that I did not have the curtains open because we had a few rubber gun's sitting here. they look real, but they are here because Rusty had to take them on his last trip. I am so glad that my garage door was not open. I wonder what he would have said about the safe?
There is never a dull moment here. That's o.k. because life is good.


Paula said...

Glad you remembered to put something on before you opened the door to that cop. You live quite the interesting life, Kelli.

Inge' said...

Too bad you didn't think to put on some of the tactical gear before you answered the door. That would have been interesting.

"Officer, my hubs and I are playing a game called....."

Small Footprints said...

Never a dull moment seems like an understatement. Wow ... do you ever sleep? Wish I had your energy and enthusiasm! :)

Small Footprints

Martha said...

You are such a trip, LOL!

Missie said...

That poor kitten! I wish it lots of luck!

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