Tuesday, July 14, 2009

summer is here

I can tell it is summer time here in southern California. The city has sent workers out to start to clear brush and we have a water dropping aircraft sitting in the lake.

This summer is going to turn out to be an awesome one. Last week one of the marines parents came in and we had a blast with them. Now one of the other marines mom's is coming in on Wednesday and I can't wait! Then one of my girlfriends is flying for a long weekend. I am thinking that summer is going to be a blast.

Last night Ryan tells Rusty and I that he is doing grease in summer school. What? So we start asking him questions. Yep sure enough they are doing a play of grease. I guess you don't have learn anything in summer school. I guess having a child on on iep means nothing. Well at least it is free day care for a few hours a day.

Amber and Ryan are leaving on Thursday. Yep they are heading to Chicago. Amber is not as happy as she once was. First of all because her bills are not paid and now she will miss out on some money. Then my mom told her that she will be babysitting for 4 day's. Well, I warned her that my mom would consider her free child care, but she does not listen to me. So this trip will be bitter sweet for Amber. I also think this trip is going to be a huge learning curve for her. So goes life.

Rusty and I bought Chris a pay as you go phone. It seems that his sister had his line cut off because she could not afford the $10 a month. Oh how my head hurts. If she had just asked me I would have given her the damn $10 a month. I guess this is just one more example of much his family cares about him.

Rusty is out of town until Saturday and part of my is happy. Does that sound bad? Over the last few weeks he has just bitched about everything and I am so sick of listening to it. Rusty stresses over everything. Even shit that he can't control. I guess that is why we are so good together, because we are so different.

I have come down to crunch time with my quilts. Most of the marines are out in the field right now and then..... well I can't say. So, I am going to be putting together a lot of quilts over the next few weeks. I love giving these guys their quilts, and love seeing them love the quilts, but it also makes me sad that I know they will be leaving. That is the cycle of my life.

The foster babies are doing real good. One of the babies has figured out how to crawl out of the crate, so I will need to be very careful where I walk in the morning. The funny thing is she is the smallest of the three. I guess you can't under estimate the little ones.

I have laundry soap on the stove and two quilts that are waiting to be put together. I better get back to my life.


Missie said...

Have a good hump day tomorrow.

Melissa said...

glad u can see a good summer ahead

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