Wednesday, July 29, 2009

my junk

Well here it is my junk! Last week I did not clean out as much as I wanted to but I did get two rooms gone through.
I went through the kitchen, which was actually very hard for me, But I did it and I filled this box. It did not take long before someone came and snatched up my goodies.
Yesterday I went through my bathroom. Yep the second picture is everything from under our sinks and drawers. I am so amazed at what we had just shoved under there. Can you believe that I found candles? I can't even burn candles, and yet I found some.
Oh well, I guess that is what happens when you take the time to actually clean something out. You just find crap and wonder where it came from and why you ever needed it to begin with.
I got one of the living rooms picked up, got our bed stripped and got Ryan's bed made...finally. If this keeps up I may catch up on some house work. However I am not going to hold my breath because I may just pass out!
Today Nikki is starting her mad dash to get packed up to go to Vegas. I m not sure how long she will be gone, but this trip is going to be so much different then her other trips. I was told that Vegas is a rough trip even if it is here in the states. I know Nikki will make it through this, and I am hoping that she sees that there really are poor people here in America.
Nikki is going to be spending a few day's before and after her trip with a guy I grew up with. His is all nervous about having a teenage girl in the house, since he has no children. I know they will both be fine.
Nikki also has to finish getting re enrolled in "traditional" school. I could do it for her, but I am not. I am taking a huge step back and teaching her a life lesson. The lesson is don't wait until the last minute to make major decisions. Rusty is so not happy about Nikki going back to the local high school. He believes that she get a better education at the charter school. I think that an "education" is over rated and that life is the best teacher. But what can a parent do?
Amber and Ryan come home on Friday, and this may sound mean, but it was nice not having all the children hanging out here. I kinda liked the empty nest. I still need to buy Amber one book for school, and I think Ryan is all set for school.
Amber better find a job and find on quick. I told her in no uncertain terms that she better start paying her own bills. I did stop paying them, but I have a feeling my mother paid her bills this month. Here is a news flash for Amber....unemployed people who can't pay their bills don't go on vacation!
Well, life happens and it will continue to happen around here.
Life is good.


a corgi said...

LOL with Amber; I can soooo relate. he's put in a few applications (hasn't gotten anything yet) but I'm taking a back seat for just a bit because a certain young lady who is staying here for a bit, who does work and is very faithful about being to work on time, etc., might be starting to get a bit upset that he's "just sitting around all day while I'm hard at work" so I'm thinking that will be a big motivator for him to get up and find something

I was always happy to have the kids gone for a week or so when they went to church camp, etc. It is nice to have some adult time and some peace and quiet

I didn't realize Nikki was going back to attending school instead of home schooling herself. She'll do fine

how did you do this month with your water bill? I was surprised; we got ours yesterday and it was only $10 more than last month, which I thought was good because there's 4 of us now here instead of 3. I just told everyone to keep conserving though and not to change how we do things but to continue to look for ways to cut bac

good for you for going through your stuff and de-cluttering it! always a nice feeling to get rid of things not being used

enjoy the few days of cooler weather we should be having


Barbara said...

I can so relate to enjoying time without the kids. I wish Makayla could go somewhere fun for her for a week or 2. I really need the break and I am not even her mother.
I did a lot of decluttering last month and it felt so good to get rid of a bunch of stuff we don't need.

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