Wednesday, July 22, 2009

only to me

So last night was awesome. I walked around naked and then hubby and I went to the island on comeonwannalayya. Life was good.
I got up this morning with a long list of things I wanted and needed to get done. Yes well, about that list.
O.K. so I got the house cleaned up, fed the kittens, fed the kittens, fed the kittens, man they are eating a lot. I got some stuff pinned together, chatted on facebook and read some blogs.
Then something happened. Nikki and her group needed more ice and more Gatorade. O.K. so I go off and get that taken care of. Then I decide that I might as well stop and get everything else that I am going to need for dinner tomorrow. I hate driving my car in the heat! I love my grocery getter, but this whole no a/c thing is getting to me.
Then I had to feed the kittens and Rusty and clean up from that. Then some people I know stopped by. I know that it is strange, but I do actually know people that do not live in my computer.
I went to open the window in the kitchen and I got my arm stuck to a fly trap. Why are the fly's so bad this year? I tried everything to get that damn glue off my arm. I finally had to go find the goo be gone.
I forgot to replace the rug in front of the shower and Rusty started to slip. He is now passed out in bed. I guess one pain pill would have been enough.
One of the marines stopped by today. He went up to see his brother and sister in law this weekend. Well this chick is pregnant. The first thing that came out of my mouth was "Living on love sucks". I know that is mean, but if they can't pay their own bills... and now she is pregnant? Whatever. Like I said living on love sucks. Been there and done that one. I guess it does give me an excuse to make a baby blanket, and show off my handi work.
I should be heading to bed since the kittens are fed, but I still have not made Ambers bed yet. That is where my friend Becky is going to be sleeping. Oh crap! I forgot to eat dinner. I guess I am having captain crunch.
I have a busy day tomorrow, so nothing else can suddenly come up! I have to go refill all the kids with Gatorade, then Becky and I have to fly down to base, and then get back in time to cook dinner for 30 people and have it delivered by 5.
How does my life get this busy? Oh well. It is my life and I would not have it any other way!

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a corgi said...

LOL, I'm slow this morning, it took me a minute to get what island you and Rusty went to; I'm like "I don't think there's an island around here".

we haven't gotten the flies yet and since we moved, I haven't even seen many mosquitos. Perhaps all the wildlife we have around here is actually doing what they are supposed to

your day doessound busy; I know the mission crew will enjoy the meal you/Becky will make for them

if you ever know of anyone that needs a box of food, our church (Rancho Community Church, off of 1-15, take the Temecula Parkway 79 and go right if you are heading north on 1-15 or left if you are heading south on 1-15) gives food away every Wednesday from 3:30 to 6:00 (tell whoever to get there early because sometimes they run out of food). No questions asked basically, and no one turned away. They do have people fill out a form if its the first time they have come, but its because they want to see what people's needs are. And the box is filled up with soup, canned fruit, veggies, etc. Also they are involved with this farm project growing food and last week alone harvested 2000 pounds of veggies to give away. So anyway, if you know of anyone, thinking of that pregnant couple, that need food, do refer them there.

stay cool in this heat if you can


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