Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Eco pimping

I tried a few new products this week and I wanted to tell everyone about them. First is this non chlorine bleach. I love it! I have started adding one cup of it to my homemade laundry soap, and it is just awesome. There are no harsh smells and I don't have to worry about it bleaching out stuff that should not be bleached out.
I also found this organic lotion that is so awesome. It really put a lot of moisture back into my skin. The web page has a long list of products and even where you can buy them at. The bottle that I bought had a rebate attached to it, so I was able to get the bottle for free. Free is a very good price!
I also found this bamboo body pad . They call it a body pad but I call it heaven. It is really thick and just as soft as can be. I am telling you bamboo is one of the softest materials I have ever felt.
I found organic tomato juice by Campbell's. I used that and organic kidney beans in some chili and no one can tell the difference. I am noticing more and more organic products and I am starting to try them out. So far my family has noticed a taste difference, so I am going to keep on trying and buying.
When my girlfriend and I returned her u haul we also returned some moving pads. As I was folding the pads I read the label and discovered that they are now made from recycled blue jeans! How cool is that?
My dear friend over at smaller footprint put out another challenge for us. For one day don't drive. O.K. we can all do that. Don't go anywhere just walk or ride a bike. This is real easy for me since I still don't have new tires on my car yet.
Here is a small list of things I have done this week to help recycle and reduce.
1. Amber went over to our neighbors trash and pulled out a boot box so her cat could have a new box to sleep in and she recycled the old box.
2. I reused the tomato juice container. I made my girlfriend some raspberry tea in. Not only did I reuse the bottle, but it also reduced because now she did not have to stop and get something to drink.
3. I got all my bills set up to be paid on line. I will never again have to mail another bill. That means no more buying stamp, and I also get all my bills electronic now. That means no more wasted paper.
4. I made my girlfriend some homemade dish washer soap and I placed in a potato salad container. That will be one less box of soap purchased and I was able to reuse a container.
5. I am starting to rub off on my girlfriend. She is now taking her own bags to the store with her!
Well, everyone is asking way to much from me today, so I am going to go hide in my room for a while.


Linda's World said...

Since I retired there are several days a week that I don't drive. I save errands and run them all at once. Today, I will be out in the car. I love washing out containers and reusing them for left overs, etc. I pay alot of my bills on line too but I will continue to buy stamps for mailing cards, etc. There's nothing like getting a card, letter or note from a friend in the mail. Linda in Washington

Missie said...

Good ideas! I pay all my bills online to save money, but I hear the goverment is trying to tax the online mail system.

PA doesn't seem to be all Eco friendly yet. Hopefully soon.

Martha said...

You always do such a fantastic job with your green efforts - and being frugal! I'm making progress but don't think I'm nearly as good as you are. Paying bills online is something I definitely want to do too. I hate dealing with paperwork anyway and obviously don't mind being on my computer :-)

mamaof4qts said...

thanks for the tips. I'll add this to the detergent also. I'm enjoying not having to shell out the money I used to on detergents thanks to your great recipies

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