Sunday, July 26, 2009

quilts, friends, and tears

I had an amazing weekend. I love having the Marines mom's come into town. They always teach me something.
From Mrs. Becky I learned that my free spirit is contagious, and that I am a very blessed women.
On Friday Mrs. Becky and I went out to buy the batting for the quilts. She so wanted to buy the batting but I would not let her. I told her that the quilts are something that Rusty and I shoulder the burden for.
Once we got home I showed Mrs. Becky how to put the quilts together and then she helped me put Brett and Steves quilts quilt together and to my great surprise we got both of them finished in one day.
Mrs. Becky was so happy that I let her work on Bretts quilt. For me it was no big deal, but she just knew that Brett would love the quilt even more because both of his mom's worked on it.
Needless to say Brett and Steve love their quilts. Steve's quilt did not turn out exactly like I wanted, but I am learning to let it go. I am learning that the guys love the quilts simply because I made them.
Mrs Becky decided to make a sit down dinner for all 12 of us. Brett had requested a special dish, so that is what she made for everyone. It was pork chops, potatoes, and green bean casserole. While Becky was cooking, I set the table, I rearranged all the furniture, got the table from the garage, and broke out the china. Yep, I used the good stuff, right down to the cloth napkins, and the napkin rings. After dinner I told all the boy's to clean up while Mrs. Becky, another gal, and I had tea. I even broke out the china tea cups, creamer and sugar bowl. It was so nice to use all my china.
One of the marines stopped at the package store and bought a bottle of wine. Mrs. Becky and were impressed with his taste in wine. He bought this stuff from south Africa and man it was so good! I will have to get another bottle of it.
After everything was said and done. I went and got Mrs. Becky's quilt. She cried because I made her a quilt. I Just smiled because I was so happy to see everyone with their quilts.
Mrs. Becky just hugged me and cried. The things I take for granted she does not. Mrs. Becky was so happy to cook for her son, and the marines. She was so happy to see them all having a good time. I guess I do take that for granted, and I am so glad that she reminded me just how lucky I am.
Mrs. Becky left today, but not before a lot of tears were shed. This was the last time she would see her son before he deploys again. This was the last time she would hold him before she once again sends her son off to war. Make no mistake, this war is being fought by boys not men.
Rusty wants to go to dinner, so I am going to take this opportunity to go spend some quality time with my husband.
Life is good.


Traci said...

Kelli your life is a blessed one! So nice that you got to spend time with Becky and her son.

Paula said...

Yes life is good.

Martha said...

Yes you are blessed and the great thing is so many others are blessed because of you! :-)

Indigo said...

Beautiful post! My SIL Gary comes home from Iraq in September. This war has always been fought by boys. I hope they all get a chance to become men. (Hugs)Indigo

a corgi said...

awesome time spent with Becky/son, etc! so neat you guys were able to get the guilts done


Missie said...

The quilts in those pictures are beautiful!

Have a good night.

Gerry said...

I love both of those guilts. They are fine quilts. I remember what a precious thing a guilt gift was thought to be back in the 'old' days, and things have not changed that much cause we all have to have covers. And a cover is special that has been made by someone with thought and love. Glad you had someone to help you some this time! Gerry

Melissa said...

wow, beautiful quilts

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