Tuesday, July 7, 2009

busy but good.

To my great shock Rusty actually went and watched fireworks with us. Then he even went to the beach with us! I wish I could say it was fun but I must explain my husband.
Rusty has trained, ran and gone to war in sand. Sand is not something that Rusty likes. So when I told him that my girlfriend and I were going to the beach he asked us to wait a few days so he could go. He said that he want to see the children play. O.K. we can do that.
So we all load up and head to the beach. We have blankets spread out, lawn chairs set up, and children smothered in sun screen. Then there is my husband. Sitting in his chair with his swim trunks on, a shirt and his base ball cap. He did not even bother to put on sun screen. He is a white boy! And there he sat until we left. I swear to you Oscar the grouch would have been proud of.
What I love about Rusty is the fact that he was at the beach. I know how much Rusty hates the beach and I was really glad that he was there. I guess after all these years of marriage we are finally learning the art of give and take. Life with Rusty is good.
So those are my new foster babies. They are such good babies, and they are growing so fast! I love having babies in the house. I am keeping this batch in my bedroom because I think they would be to stressed with all the extra people and noise we have going on. Maybe after my girlfriend and her children leave I will move them out to the living room.
Rusty has been very stressed the last few weeks, and that is not good for his heart. I wish I could just rub up against him and give him some of my "it's all good attitude." Rusty is stressing over the fact that I need two new tires. We have the money in savings, but I said to wait until pay day. He does not like the fact that I am waiting. Rusty is stressed out because he needs new brakes. His brakes are under warranty, so he just needs to make the time to get them fixed. Rusty is stressed because we just got the notice that our water is going up and we are now on water rationing. I said well I guess the marines don't wash their stuff at our house any more.
Maybe I just simplify things, maybe I just look at the glass as half full, maybe I am to laid back. My girlfriend did say that she wishes she was more of a free spirit like me. If her and Rusty were just like me then trust me nothing would get done. I like the fact that my friend and Rusty see something that has to be done and then they do it. Who knows. Maybe that is how it is suppose to be. Either way, all this worrying is not good for Rusty.
Well I need to go add some more bills to my bill pay on the bank. It is such a pain in the ass, but once I get everything entered it will make my life easier. I have been paying bills on line for a while, but now I am going through the bank. I guess I will see how all of this works out.


Inge' said...

I think it is great that your hubs was willing to go to the beach with ya'll! I know that it made the day much more enjoyable.

Have you thought about buying a used tire? Most tire stores have them in stock. They can range from 20-50 bucks depending on the size. I buy them all the time and I can get practically new tires for 1/2 the price.

I used to pay a lot of my bills online, but with the severe financial crunch going on over here, I am better off with a cash only thing for now.

I hope you don't have water rationing for too long. I know what a pain in the butt that is:)

Traci said...

Poor Rusty! It's a wonderful thing that he went to the beach and actually stayed! LOL

Melissa said...

thats nice that he went to the beach to watch the kids play how sweet

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